Legends of Runeterra Mobile release date and LOR PC Crossplay revealed

Riot Games has confirmed that the Legends of Runeterra release date has been set for Mobile devices on Android and iOS. LoR is currently available to play in Beta on PCs but we now know when the full launch will happen on all platforms. And the good news is that gamers won’t be waiting long for the full version of Legends of Runeterra to become available.


The Legends of Runeterra release date on Mobile and PC has been confirmed for April 30, 2020, or by that date.

It should be noted that LOR will be leaving beta on PC a few days before with the launch of Patch 1.0 on April 28.

And there’s a chance that some players will get access to Legends of Runeterra on Mobile before April 30.

Once Riot Games release Patch 1.0 to PC, they’ll begin distributing the mobile client to the Play Store and App Store.

Depending on where you live, it may take anywhere from four to 48 hours for gamers to see the app in your store.


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But wherever you are, on April 30, the mobile version of LOR should be fully live in all launch regions.

The good news is that LOR will have cross-platform functionality between Mobile and PC.

A Riot account will not be required to access LoR on mobile, but one will be required for cross-platform play and sharing your account progress between PC and mobile.

April 28 will also see the launch with a new set of 120+ cards, including a new region.

Riot Games has confirmed that Card and champion reveals will start happening before launch later this month.

At launch, LoR will feature seven regions, 35 champions, and more than 400 cards.

Riot has also revealed that all accounts that log in to LoR by 11:59 PM, May 7 PT will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian.

A short FAQ from Riot Games can be found below on the launch of Legends of Runeterra:

What languages and regions will LoR support at launch?LoR currently supports English, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), and Portuguese (Brazil). With launch, we’ll add Traditional Chinese (text only), Turkish, and Russian.

Is there a beta reward?As a special thank you to our beta players and everyone who joins us at launch, all accounts that log in to LoR by 11:59 PM, May 7 PT will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian. The next day, we’ll begin distributing the reward, and you should see it in your collection within 24 hours. If you still don’t see your Guardian after 48 hours, please contact player support. Don’t worry, your poro pal will wait for you.

What will the Ranked reset look like?The end of beta will also bring an end to LoR’s first and only Beta Season. Once we launch, you’ll earn a Beta Season-exclusive icon based on the highest tier you reached to commemorate your first climb in Ranked LoR.

How will things change now that beta is ending?Beyond mobile and new cards, “launch” mostly signifies that we’re now confident LoR’s core game and progression are in good shape for a wider audience. We’re ready to ramp up content, add more features, and bring in new players while maintaining regular updates every two weeks, and balance changes once per month. After launch, we’ll share further detail on our roadmap for the rest of 2020.

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