Magic: The Gathering – 10 Tasty Food Cards To Bring To Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time for friends and family to come together, eat some food, and play Magic: The Gathering. There have been some pretty tasty-looking cards printed over the years, with meats, bread, and all sorts of delicious desserts in the artwork. Bread, meats, pies, and pastries have all been featured on Magic cards, along with some more acquired tastes as well.

The release of Throne of Eldraine introduced a new type of token to the game: food tokens. A whole new opportunity for food-based cards has been introduced, with some delectable designs. This Thanksgiving, why not give thanks to all your favorites with a veritable feast of tasty-looking cards?

10/10 Taste Of Death

The forbidden fruit here are three apples shaped like a skull. Though fruit is an important food group for a balanced diet and can be a wonderful accent to any meal, and these might not be the best to bring for a Thanksgiving dinner, there's a part of you that can't help but want to find out what it tastes like.

Like other things that you know are going to be bad for you, but you want to eat, maybe, just maybe, these apples are the tastiest thing you could imagine. Only one way to find out!

9/10 Hot Soup

A great way to start a multi-course meal is a nice Hot Soup. It could be a tasty pumpkin soup, a smooth French onion soup, or a quick and easy tomato soup, any of which would be a welcome introduction to a night of fine dining.

And look at this little goblin friend in the art — they’re so enthusiastic about their soup that they’re rushing it to the front lines, ready to invigorate their friends, or possibly punish their foes. Whichever comes first.

8/10 Dockside Chef

Ramen might not be the most traditional Thanksgiving meal, but who cares about some stuffy old tradition when you have an amazing bowl of ramen in front of you? When the Dockside Chef shows up with enough ramen to feed at least four people, you know you’re in for a good night.

If you look closely, you’ll see what looks like some perfectly cooked noodles, pork, octopus, and a unique addition of a gear or two. There’s even an eyeball for the more adventurous foodies out there looking to try something new.

7/10 Chef's Kiss

Look, at a potluck dinner, there’s going to be a dish or two you’re not going to like. That’s part of the fun though! You get to see what sort of unique and custom dishes your friends and family cook up to share.

While, yes, the food in Chef’s Kiss might not look appetizing conventionally speaking, maybe it would be nice to try something new this holiday season. Not to mention they’re doing the chef kiss motion with their hand, so they might be onto something with their demonic mass. There’s even a little garnish on top to dress it up.

6/10 Fae Offering

Everyone knows someone who is a little ‘extra’ and in Magic, the Fae are those people. They say they’re going to bring a gift basket with some small things to pass around.

Turns out they wanted to bring a Treasure token and a Clue token too. It would have been fine if they told you, but they didn’t, so the Centaur who had brought Clue tokens too is upset. And don’t talk to the Dragon who hoarded all the Treasure tokens for itself.

5/10 Pie-Eating Contest

There are tons of pies to bake during the holidays and in Magic, pies have been a recurring food to find popping up on tokens. As a pie-centric card, there’s no way Pie-Eating Contest wasn’t going to be included in this list.

This Unfinity card has the extremely unique ability "gobble", which is an additional casting cost where you can take X bites of any food item in real life or sacrifice X Food tokens to give that many creatures a power boost and trample, which is thematic for Thanksgiving.

4/10 Gilded Goose

Gilded Goose was extremely popular during Standard, and now that it’s here for the holidays, everyone can enjoy a tasty egg-based dish. Maybe you want to start your day with an Eggs Benedict, or you want to have a passed dish with some deviled eggs.

All it takes is two mana for the Goose to keep knocking out eggs, so it’s a cheap way to keep the eggs coming. Not to mention all those eggs will be pretty handy in baking tons of pies for the Pie-Eating Contest.

3/10 Gingerbread Cabin

Building gingerbread houses is a fun holiday activity for everyone. But building a Gingerbread Cabin is an investment. Not only is it a great, on-theme place to host your holiday parties, but when you’re done, all the guests can take a wall or door home with them as dessert.

Gingerbread Cabins have gotten a bit of a bad rap thanks to a certain fairy tale, but if you fill it with guests and happy memories, no one is going to remember all the horrible things that may or may not have occurred.

2/10 Bake Into A Pie

Every now and then you’re going to have a guest that’s getting a little too rowdy. Maybe they had too much from the Fae Offering, or they were bold and took a bite from skull-shaped apples from Taste of Death and are looking a little stiff.

The baker from Bake into a Pie can take care of all your needs. Just make sure you don’t mix it up with any of the pies from the Pie-Eating Contest, and you’ll be good to go.

1/10 Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar

The best chef in the Multiverse is here to take your Thanksgiving to the next level. Sure. her methods may be a little unconventional, the ingredients might technically not be edible, and may be just a tiny bit demonic, but Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar and her Underworld Cookbook hold the secrets to culinary greatness.

A demon in the kitchen, Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar comes with her army of imp sous-chefs, servers, and bartenders to keep the day moving and dinner on time.

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