Minecraft: 10 Things To Know Before Entering The Nether

When Minecraft gets brought up in conversation, the topics discussed could range from its impact on the gaming industry to what was added in the newest update. Thanks to the power of the new consoles (the PS5 and the Xbox Series X), console players might finally be able to play Minecraft with incredible texture packs that transform the experience.

In the meantime, plenty of new players are tackling the world for the first time. Everyone could use plenty of tips when it comes to fighting Enderman, exploring the world, and most terrifyingly, entering the Nether for the first time.

10 How To Fight A Ghast

The scariest thing to a player entering the Nether for the first time is almost always their first encounter with a Ghast. These things are large floating, white, balloon-like creatures that have a terrible wail that resonates across the Nether. They also happen to shoot fireballs at the player.

Unless it happens to fly low and come close to the player, they tend to be more of a nuisance to deal with. Traveling with a bow and arrow will do the trick, but players can also deflect the fireballs back at a Ghast by correctly timing an attack on the object.

9 Distance Relative To Home World

A neat thing about the Nether is that the distance traveled in the Nether isn’t equal to the same amount of blocks in distance in the overworld. Every block in the Nether is equivalent to 8 blocks in distance when measured against the overworld.

This makes the Nether a great place when it comes to traveling far distances, provided the player has enough materials to create additional Nether Portals. Players struggling to find unique biomes can use this trick to their advantage; a trick that could pay huge dividends with minimal effort.

8 Be Careful With Piglins

It’s natural for humans to be scared of the unknown — especially when the unknown is hideous and wielding a sword. Piglins are zombie and pig-like creatures that roam the Nether peacefully. They will never attack or harm the player unless that player attacks them.

In a way, this seems to be an intentional troll by the developers since they know the average player will strike these creatures simply out of fear. Those who simply let them be and go about their business will likely never have to deal with them in a meaningful way.

7 Others Can Traverse The Gate

The idea of being able to use a gate to travel to another realm is all well and good until the revelation of others being able to use the gate to travel in the opposite direction is revealed. Enemies in the Nether can traverse the portal and come into the overworld.

This always results in a comedic response from the player dealing with it. But in terms of probability, it’s highly unlikely that players will witness this event. On the off chance that it occurs, it adds a sense of randomness that can break up the repetitive nature of Minecraft.

6 How To Stop Blaze Spawning

Since Blaze spawn in the Nether and the area as a whole feels hellish and different from the overworld, players tend to overthink solutions to their problems. Just like the mob spawners in the overworld, Blaze spawners can be “turned off”.

Just either destroy them with a pickaxe or put torches on all 5 visible surfaces around the spawn block. A cursory Google search could also showcase how players could make stellar experience point farms that can aid them when it comes to crafting enchanted gear and armor.

5 There’s Lava Everywhere

Up until a player travels to the Nether, their only real interactions with lava are waterfalls and small pools in natural caves and caverns. The Nether is on another level when it comes to lava as it is designed to be a giant ocean of lava with islands of land on the surface.

This means that one knockback or poorly placed step could have the player burning to death and losing all of their items. Anyone going into the Nether without fire resistance should come equipped with plenty of stone to build safe paths to areas of interest.

4 Danger Around Every Corner

Creepers are an important enemy in Minecraft because they teach players that they’re never really safe. No matter how calm and protected things may appear, there’s also a surprise hissing sound waiting to explode and ruin someone’s day.

The Nether is full of these types of things since almost all of the enemies can inflict damage over time and kill a player before they can even catch their breath. This is why players must always have their guard up and explore as if there’s a threat around every corner.

3 The Enemies

Throughout several updates, the team working on Minecraft has added several enemies and passive creatures into the Nether. The ones that cause the biggest headaches for players are easily the Ghasts, Blaze, and the Wither Skeletons.

Both the Ghasts and Blaze set the player on fire which can be annoying and stressful to the player. The Wither Skeletons infect the player with Wither which makes the health bar hard to read. It also inflicts damage over time that can kill the player (unlike poison).

2 Your Nether Gate Can Be Destroyed

To traverse the Nether Portal and visit the Nether, players need to light the portal with flint & tinder. Now, it may seem like, once it’s lit, the flint & tinder is useless, but that’s not the case. Smart players will keep it on them when traveling to the Nether.

This is because Ghasts and other enemies can destroy the portal and, if the player can’t relight the gate, they’re trapped inside until they die. This event can be avoided by either having multiple lit portals inside the Nether or building a protective shell around a singular portal.

1 Plenty Of Resources To Gather

Players who entered the Nether when it was first introduced were sadly left with an area that was cool on the surface but didn’t serve a purpose to the player. In the years since, Minecraft has added plenty of structures, enemies, and resources to the Nether and fleshed it out into a complete experience.

Using materials from the Nether to build in the overworld may seem bold, but things like glowstone can add another layer of complexity to builds and turn common-looking structures into magical points of interest.

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