MLB The Show 21: The 10 Best Players On The Atlanta Braves

Every year the Atlanta Braves don’t win a World Series Championship the MLB at large will consider it a disappointment. The club is full of talent and a glance at their roster in MLB The Show 21 will show just how talented they are.

They have plenty of star power in the PlayStation franchise that includes both savvy veterans and youthful stars looking to blossom into baseball superstars. The MLB sees frequent player movement so it can sometimes be hard for teams to keep up with who the current and best players are on their favorite team.

10 Travis d’Arnaud, C (81)

Travis d’Arnaud is the younger brother of a former MLB player by the name of Chase d’Arnaud. Travis is the starting catcher for the Atlanta Braves, with an overall of 81 n MLB The Show 21. The shortened 2020 MLB season was arguably his best season as he ended it by winning a Silver Slugger award.

The Braves are a team full of talent, so that means that d’Arnaud doesn’t need to light up the world to be effective and contribute. As he heads towards the end of his playing days at the age of 32 he’s looking to win a World Series trophy at any cost.

9 Chris Martin, RP (82)

The Atlanta Braves have a knack for signing players with names of celebrities. The first of the two on this list is Chris Martin, their relief pitcher. Despite sharing a name with the lead singer of the popular band Coldplay, Martin is not riding as high.

It’s impressive he has an overall of 82 in MLB The Show 21 considering his career record is 3-12 and his average ERA is above 4.0. At age 34 it’s hard to see him turning things around any time soon, but he can still manage to help the Braves accomplish their goals in 2021.

8 Will Smith, CP (82)

Will Smith of the Atlanta Braves is a closing pitcher who happens to share a name with not only a famous celebrity but a solid catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. This Will Smith has 54 saves in his 9 year MLB career that’s seen the pitcher play for four different teams.

An 82 overall is what he’s set with currently in MLB The Show 21, which makes sense considering Smith battled COVID-19 in 2020 and is also coming off of a subpar playoff performance against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2020 MLB postseason.

7 Max Fried, SP (84)

The first of three starting pitchers to make the Top 10 in terms of overalls for the Atlanta Braves in MLB The Show 21 is Max Fried. Despite having a name reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon character Fried has managed to put together some solid stats to start his career.

With a record of 26-12 and 300 plus strikeouts to his name, he’s starting to make a name for himself. An 84 overall isn’t tremendously surprising for a player of his caliber who might not be an ace but is consistently good enough to win ball games.

6 Charlie Morton, SP (86)

After initially making his MLB debut with the Atlanta Braves in 2008 Charlie Morton has managed to circle back around and landed with the club to start the 2021 season. He’s been a starting pitcher for 5 different teams, with the chunk of that time being with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Morton’s overall in MLB The Show 21 is an 86, which may not be as high as he’s like it, but when compared to his stats in recent seasons one could argue it’s more kind to his overall body of work.

5 Mike Soroka, SP (87)

Coming in as the highest-rated pitcher on the Atlanta Braves is their starting pitcher named Mike Soroka. It’s an impressive feat for such a young pitcher to be gifted with the highest overall on his team considering Soroka is just 23-years-old.

In 2020 he managed to snag a record for the Braves as he cemented himself as the youngest Opening Day starter in the history of the organization. With an MLB All-Star appearance in 2019 and being named to the All-MLB Second Team, it makes sense that Soroka’s overall in MLB The Show 21 is an 87.

4 Marcell Ozuna, LF, (90)

Marcell Ozuna is a rather new member of the Atlanta Braves as he joined the club during the shortened 2020 MLB season. That means that 2021 will be his first full season with the club, which seems promising considering how many accolades he collected in 2020.

The left fielder and designated hitter stands at an overall of 90 in MLB The Show 21, but don’t be surprised if that number is raised during the season if his last season is any indication of his performance trajectory.

3 Ozzie Albies, 2B (93)

Ozzie Albies is a Curacaoan professional baseball player for the Atlanta Braves and is their starting 2nd baseman. Though he didn’t bust onto the scene in the same fashion as his teammate Ronald Acuna Jr., Albies is off to a hot start and signed an extension with the Braves in 2019.

The belief is that 2021 could be his real breakout as the 2020 season was shortened and he’s coming off of a season in 2019 that saw him winning a Silver Slugger award. At 24-years-old he has plenty of time to grow and showcase why he’s the third-best player on the Braves in MLB The Show 21.

2 Ronald Acuna Jr., CF (94)

At just 23-years-old Ronald Ocuna Jr. has already managed to make a name for himself in the MLB as the starting center fielder for the Atlanta Braves. In just two seasons he’s managed to land a 94 overall in MLB The Show 21 among the many other awards he’s brought in.

He hails from Venezuela and made his MLB debut back in 2018. With Freddie Freeman growing older fans expect Acuna Jr. to be the face of the organization for the next decade-plus. The start to his career seems to showcase he’s destined for MLB stardom.

1 Freddie Freeman, 1B (95)

Freddie Freeman is the starting 1st baseman for the Atlanta Braves and happens to be the highest overall player on the team in MLB The Show 21. These days the MLB is full of player movement and it’s a rarity to see a player last their entire career in one uniform.

Since being called up in 2010 Freeman has managed to do just that as the Braves are the only team he’s played for. An impressive feat for a star player who is inching near 250 career home runs and is coming off of a National League MVP award-winning season.

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