Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Gets Rating In Korea, But Still No Announcement From EA

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has received a rating in Korea despite EA not yet officially announcing the game.

Everything that was old is new again, or at least that’s how it’s starting to feel in the video game world right now. The remaster era is well and truly upon us and has been for quite a while. Titles such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and Final Fantasy 7 have all undergone the remaster treatment and enjoyed massive amounts of success.

It stands to reason that any and all developers would ride the remaster wave, providing it has a popular title or two from the past at its disposal. As for EA, it has countless games from its decades of development to choose from. One of its franchises that is in serious need of a shot to the arm is Need for Speed. NFS Heat was a little lackluster. Check out TheGamer’s review of the game for more details.

Earlier this year, it was leaked that EA might well be planning exactly that. News leaked that the developer planned on releasing a remastered version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. VentureBeat was the source of the leak, and its reveal was quickly followed by a listing on Amazon UK revealing the game would be released on November 13, 2020.

However, that listing has since disappeared and there has still been no official announcement from EA. A further leak has added more fuel to the already-hot Hot Pursuit fire, though. It comes in the form of a rating for the game in Korea, spotted by Video Games Chronicle. That further suggests a Hot Pursuit remaster is imminent, perhaps even hitting that leaked November 13 release date.

EA did announce back in June of this year that it planned on bringing seven games to the Nintendo Switch over the course of the following 12 months. The first of those games was its Burnout Paradise remaster, and it also added Apex Legends, FIFA 21, and Lost In Random to that list. It seems very likely at this juncture that a Hot Pursuit remaster is one of the yet-to-be-named games on that list.

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