New Indie Game Fuses Anime With Cyberpunk

Anno Mutationem is a new game coming from indie developer ThinkingStars that fuses anime and cyberpunk with Dead Cells-style action platforming.

So what do you get when you fuse anime and cyberpunk? Ghost in the Shell. You get Ghost in the Shell. If you haven’t seen the original 1995 film (don’t bother with the live-action remake), go now and come back. You’ll get pretty much everything that Anno Mutationem is selling.

Done? Great. Back to the game.

From developer ThinkingStars, Anno Mutationem is a game that fuses a lot of genres into a single pixelated product. You’ve got cyber ninjas, giant robots, laser swords, flying cars, tons of neon lighting, and some great platforming action combined with a bit of Metal Gear-style exploration.

It looks good, and we sincerely hope that Anno Mutationem actually releases during its tentative window of July 2020. That said, ThinkingStars previous game, Fringe Wars, was supposed to release in 2018 after its alpha period, but that never happened. Here’s hoping that Anno Mutationem doesn’t suffer a similar fate.

Check out the trailer mix below (courtesy of Rob Cram) that combines the Chinajoy 2019 trailers with the most recently released gameplay trailer. Anno Mutationem is for PS4, PC, and mobile.

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