New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Outaway Cave

Outaway Cave is a location on New Pokemon Snap’s Durice island and the penultimate area you unlock as part of the game’s main story. At this point in the game, you should be well aware of what constitutes a decent photo, as well as how to use New Pokemon Snap’s mechanics to trigger unique Pokemon interactions.

Fans of the mainline games who felt deprived of Dark and Ghost types up to this point will likely be delighted to hear that Outaway Cave is teeming with them, featuring everything from iconic Pokemon like Gengar and Hydreigon to other beloved ‘mons such as Crobat and Goodra.

Here’s a complete list of every Pokemon in Outaway Cave, as well as where to find them and which rank they start appearing at. Each section in this guide will only feature the new Pokemon introduced in each successive rank, meaning that ‘mons like Crobat who appear at all three tiers will only be listed in rank one to avoid unnecessary repetition and focus clearly on the unlocks.

List Of Pokemon In Outaway Cave Rank 1

  • Geodude – Asleep in a cavern to your right, directly opposite the first Sableye you see after you go through the middle open area with an open top.
  • Crobat – Crobat spawns in front of you, mostly disappears for the middle area, then comes back at the end if you turn left at the junction.
  • Gengar – Comes out of purple portals scattered throughout the entire map.
  • Sableye – Mostly found if you turn left at the junction on either side of the straight alley towards the end destination. Where Goodra spawns at rank two. There’s also one near the first Mawile if you turn right.
  • Joltik – All over the walls in the intro section.
  • Rampardos – By the river in the middle section. There are also two near the end if you turn left, and one sleeping at the back wall of the end location if you turned right.
  • Croagunk – There are four Croagunk on the rocks in the middle section, as well as one that’s asleep if you turn right at the junction. It’s immediately to your right. 
  • Carbink – All over the intro section, similar to Joltik. Also in the end location if you turn right.
  • Braviary – Either perched on a pillar or flying around the middle, open air section.
  • Glalie – Asleep on a rock above Croagunk in the middle section, on your right as you come down.
  • Beartic – Visible through the crater at the top of the open middle section, although you can’t get a very good shot.

List Of Pokemon In Outaway Cave Rank 2

  • Mawile – If you turn right at the junction there’s an angry Mawile you can’t miss, but there’s also one low down before it that’s a lot more tolerant of photos.
  • Clefairy – In the middle section, up on the higher rocks behind you. There are three gathered around a Crystabloom and one near a Gengar portal.
  • Drifloon – On your right just as you move to the middle section.
  • Noibat – At the spawn and all over the end destination if you turn right.
  • Vivillon – End destination if you turn right.

List Of Pokemon In Outaway Cave Rank 3

  • Hydreigon – In the middle section, although it’s pretty far away. You can get a better snap in the end location if you turn left at the junction.
  • Pumpkaboo – On the right at the end of the intro section, although it’s very far away. Turn right at the junction and there’s another one in the plant section near the teleportation portal.
  • Goodra – There are two if you turn left at the river junction, you can’t miss them on your way to the end. They’re enormous.

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