Nintendo denies new Switch Pro rumours and OLED profit claims

Following the announcement of the OLED Model, Nintendo continues to insist it has no further plans for new Switch models.

After so many rumours of a new and improved Nintendo Switch Pro console, people were taken aback when Nintendo announced the Switch OLED model. While it does boast some new features, it’s no more powerful than the original Switch and lacks the long theorised 4K support.

Some suspect that the OLED Model and the Switch Pro are actually two different models, and that Nintendo still plans to release stronger hardware in the future. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo continues to insist that this isn’t true.

In a recent Twitter statement, Nintendo writes that it has ‘no plans for launching any other model at this time,’ parroting previous statements regarding the Switch Pro.

Of course, this is standard PR and while Nintendo is known for being incredibly secretive, no company would casually confess to having revised hardware in development while trying to promote a different, and less powerful, one.

Nevertheless most sources have stuck to their assertion that the Switch Pro is real, with VentureBeat’s Jeff Grub stating, after the reveal of the Switch OLED, that he was always under the impression the Switch Pro was being released in 2022.

The statement follows on from another denial, this one regarding Nintendo’s profit margin for the new OLED Model. A Bloomberg report from July 14 claimed that while the OLED Model is more expensive than the standard Switch (£310 compared to £280), it only costs $10 extra to manufacture (£7.30).

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