Nintendo Direct August 2020: Is THIS when next Direct will be? Put this date in your diary

Nintendo could be about to unleash their first full-fat Nintendo Direct in almost a year, with fans potentially days away from a Nintendo Direct for August 2020. Anticipation for the next Nintendo Direct is sky high for a number of reasons. Firstly, the last time the House of Mario held a full Nintendo Direct was last September.

Sure, there have been other broadcasts since then like the July and March Direct Minis as well other streams for Smash Bros, Animal Crossing and Pokemon.

But none have been as all encompassing as a proper Nintendo Direct.

The other reason interest is so high in the next Nintendo Direct is the Switch’s release schedule for the remainder of the year, which is looking surprisingly bare.

All of the blanks in the Switch’s release schedule has led to speculation that Ninty could have some big surprises in store for the rest of 2020 which will be announced in the next Direct.

And it looks like the first proper Direct in almost a year could be happening next week, according to the latest Nintendo rumours.

As highlighted in a post on Reddit, prominent ResetEra insiders look like they’re hinting that the next Nintendo Direct could be on Friday August 28.

Redditors have been left convinced ResetEra users Captain Tsubasa and NateDrake are dropping hints about a general Direct happening on the 28th of this month.

In a thread Reddit user Careful_Ad_8642 posted: “I figured everyone here would know these two by now.

“They’ve both been hinting that there would be a general direct by the end of this month and have both been hinting at the number 28 today.

“Both of these guys have hinted at direct dates in the past that ended up being legit. They post this stuff cryptically to cover their asses.”

The insiders also reportedly leaked that there would be an Indie Direct happening this week, which turned out to be accurate.

So, given that and the track record of the insiders in question we could be about to see our first full Direct in a very long time.

There is another reason to hope that there could be a Nintendo Direct happening before the end of the month.

Earlier this year a major leak claimed that Nintendo were planning to mark the 35th anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros in a big way.

It was claimed that to honour the landmark occasion Ninty would be releasing a Super Mario All Stars-style collection for the Nintendo Switch.

This would feature remasters of classic 3D Mario titles Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.

It’s also been claimed Wii U title Super Mario 3D World will be getting a Switch port while there could be a new Mario Kart game in the works.

Any of these announcements would surely go down a treat in a Direct, but time is running out for a Mario 35th anniversary anniversary announcement to be made.

The landmark date is fast approaching, with Super Mario Bros first released on the Famicom on September 13 1985.

If Ninty does have big plans up their sleeve to mark this occasion then they would surely have to announce this before the anniversary – which is in a few weeks time – falls.

And what better place to make this announcement than in an August Direct, which would give time for Ninty to promote the Mario anniversary releases before they launch.

If Nintendo is planning on holding a Nintendo Direct on Friday August 28 then confirmation of the stream details should drop sometime next week.

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