Nintendo Theme Park Opening Delayed To Spring 2021

The grand opening of Super Nintendo World in Japan will now not happen until the spring of 2021 at the very earliest.

2020 was supposed to be the year that Mario fans would get a place where they could make a Nintendo pilgrimage. Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. However, no one envisioned just how problematic this calendar year was going to be. Nintendo delayed the opening of its highly-anticipated theme park, detailing that it hoped its gates would still open for the first time before the end of the year.

That hinged on the situation the world currently finds itself in drastically improving and sadly, that has not been the case. The continuation of the pandemic worldwide has forced Nintendo to delay the opening of its theme park beyond the end of 2020, reports Video Games Chronicle. It will now not open to the public until at least spring 2021.

Judging by the details released so far about the park, it makes sense that Nintendo would not feel comfortable welcoming Mario fans until the world is a safer place. Its rides and features include a lot of interactivity, including playing together with other park-goers. Attendees will wear wristbands and need an app that allows them to collect virtual coins littered around the park, as well as take down virtual bosses.

One of the most exciting things to have been leaked from within Super Nintendo World’s walls is its Mario Kart ride. Unofficial images and information about the ride describe it as an AR experience in which people will be able to race against others and throw items. Hopefully, in lieu of an official opening, Nintendo will reveal more about what people can expect from the park in the coming months.

There is a little bit of good news. While Super Nintendo World will remain closed for the time being, a Mario cafe and store will open in Universal Studios Japan later this month. The cafe will serve Mario-themed food (we’re assuming mushrooms will be a staple) and the store will sell Mario merch such as hats, t-shirts, and probably just about anything else you can slap a red M on. The cafe and the store will open on October 16, 2020.

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