One Of The Best Nintendo Switch Controllers Is On Sale For $35

8BitDo makes some of the best Nintendo Switch controllers around, offering high-quality alternatives to Nintendo’s pricey first-party options. One of our favorite 8BitDo controllers, the SN30 Pro, is discounted to $35 at Amazon and Best Buy right now. The SN30 excels both when playing retro games and most modern titles. Amazon is your best bet as you get free shipping, while Best Buy is charging $5.49.

SN30 Pro deal

8BitDo SN30 Pro controller

The SN30 Pro is shaped like a chunky SNES controller, making it an ideal gamepad for SNES and NES games if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. We’d argue that the SN30 Pro is actually better for games that are traditionally played with a D-pad than either the Joy-Con (doesn’t have a normal D-pad) or Switch Pro controller (slightly awkward D-pad placement).

But in addition to the D-pad and four face buttons, it also has four triggers, a pair of joysticks, and a turbo function. The bonus triggers and joysticks give the SN30 Pro far more versatility than a regular ‘ole SNES controller. The feature set and layout allows you to play modern Switch titles without a hitch.

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