Outriders: Expedition Quest Walkthrough

Not to be confused with endgame Expeditions, Outriders’ Expedition quest is all about prepping for a journey through the forests of Enoch. This quest has two parts: crossing a swamp and finding lithium batteries.

This quest fleshes out the Beast faction type quite nicely with three new enemies, one of which is a royal pain to fight against. If you aren’t a fan of swamp levels, upgrade your gear before proceeding. Some of the encounters here are quite tough, even on lower World Tiers. You won’t be able to craft here, so talk to Dr. Zahedi at Trench Town if you need to upgrade your gear before leaving.

Quest Synopsis

  • Cross the swamps
  • Lower the outpost bridge so the convoy can enter the Quarry
  • Collect lithium for the filtration system
  • Bring the lithium to Zahedi

Cross The Swamps

Before you can enter the Quarry, you’ll need to cross a swamp. Like most swamp levels in video games, you’re about to deal with some serious frustration.

Further down the road are a few fodder Perforo enemies and a new enemy type: Strix. Strix are flying bugs that fire Toxic bolts at your location from a distance. They move exceptionally quick, can stun you with a whip of their tail in an instant, and deal a sizable amount of damage with their projectiles. Needless to say, they’re a top priority. Kill these bugs whenever you see them, as they’re arguably more dangerous than most Beast Elites. Crowd control effects are their only major weakness.

Continue up the road to enter the ruins of a harvester. Inside will be multiple waves of Perforos. The third wave will spawn two Alphas instead of fodder enemies. When the Alphas spawn, try to get both to leap on you before using an AoE ability or high-damage weapon to quickly kill both of them.

Lower The Outpost Bridge

Keep running through the swamp until you come across an abandoned building. Perforos can be seen feasting on dead bodies outside of the building. Take them out.

After a small group of Perforos rush you, a Brood Mother and a whole host of Beasts will spawn at the gate blocking the road. Instead of fighting the Brood Mother, kill the Strix first. This enemy can stunlock you with ease. Use mid-range weapons or crowd control effects to take it out.

The Brood Mother and Perforos will run together as a pack. A few swipes from the Brood Mother can kill you, so try to stay at mid-range. If you can’t, frequently switch your focus from the Brood Mother to the Perforos to use your healing mechanic.

As the Brood Mother gets weaker, more Strix and Alpha Perforos will spawn. Again, kill the Strix as soon as they spawn, followed by the Alphas. Leaving them alive can result in a stunlock you can’t escape from. Try to kill the Brood Mother as fast as you can once these enemies are dealt with.

Remember to plant the flag down at the hologram once the fight’s over. It’s at the front of the building. Place the flag down, then head inside to lower the bridge.

Lower The Bridge

Now that you’re in the building, make your way to the top floor by following the narrow hallways.

Hidden Chest #1

When you enter the building, head right of the exit to find a chest. This isn’t really “hidden,” more overlooked.

Hidden Chest #2

In the hallway leading to the cave, turn around to find a weakened wall. Shoot the explosive canisters to destroy the wall, revealing a chest.

You’ll eventually fall into a cave filled with Perforos. Defeat the fodder enemies, then kill the Alpha that spawns soon after.

Further up the cave is another Alpha Perforo alongside some fodder enemies. Either roll or melee to avoid getting stunned.

The next floor will flood you with swarms of Perforos. AoE abilities work wonders here. If needed, try to lure them into a giant cluster before using an ability.

Reach the top to find a generator you can start. Once interacted with, you’ll be transported to the Quarry after a short cutscene.

Hidden Chest #3

Run to the left of the generator that lowers the bridge to find this chest.

Collect Lithium For The Filtration System

In order to survive on your trip to the forest, you’ll need to insulate your truck with lithium. There are three batteries the Quarry you must bring back to the truck before you can venture further.

Head down the path that’s opposite of the truck. Plant a flag, then stock up on ammo.

Battery #1

Run into the compound across from the flag you just placed. The battery will be resting beside an excavator.

When you grab the battery, Beasts will begin to rush your location. These enemies are Maulers, effectively tougher Perforos. They will rush you at close range, utilizing either melee attacks or ranged attacks to hit you. Maulers shouldn’t pose much of a threat to you.

Battery #2

Open the gate at the end of the area, then head into the cave on your right to find the second battery. Be sure to open the chest beside the battery before you continue.

Battery #3

Another gate can be found directly across from the second battery’s location. When you enter, you’ll immediately be ambushed by Maulers. Clear them out.

Killing the Maulers will cause a Behemoth to spawn, an Elite Mauler that’s much tougher. It’ll immediately attempt to charge at you. Either use a melee attack or roll out of the way to avoid the attack. Shooting at its rear end is safe, although you’ll deal much more damage by shooting its head. Use the Maulers as sources of HP if you take damage.

A Screecher will spawn once the Behemoth dies. Damaging the bird will force it to land, giving you a window to output some serious damage with your abilities or a shotgun.

With every enemy dead, grab the battery beside the Behemoth’s spawn location. Open the gate, grab the chest to the left of the gate exit, then make your way to the convoy. Speak to Jakub when you’re ready to depart.

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