Paradise Killer Is A Neon-Tinged Murder Mystery Perfect For Summer

Paradise isn’t just lost in Paradise Killer–somebody murdered it.

Indie developer Kaizen Game Works’ first game is an ambitious attempt to create a first-person, open-world, murder mystery. Has anyone ever combined these genres into a single title? This might be the first.

We should also add “visual novel” to that list. Although exploration and examination are all done via first-person mode, the game’s plot and story are all carried out in a more typical visual novel style.

You play as “investigation freak” Lady Love Dies who has been called from “exile” to investigate a murder on Paradise Island. All of your suspects look like rejects from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in that they all have ridiculously over-the-top costumes and are constantly voguing. They’ve also gone some great lines to go along with the murder mystery schtick.

Lady Love Dies first arrives on the scene and then has to examine the evidence. After that, you’ll search around and interview witnesses, perhaps unearth more hidden clues, until you finally accuse someone of the heinous murder. But simply getting to accusations isn’t enough; you’ll have to prove their guilt at trial.

Paradise Killer is being exhibited at LudoNarraCon this weekend, so you can get your first look at the game there. No release date has been set, but you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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