Persona 5 Royal Has More Platinum Trophies Than Any Other Major PS4 Exclusive

The Phantom Thieves of Heart have been stealing time from gamers all across the world, as Persona 5 Royal has the highest Platinum trophy completion rate of any PS4 exclusive title.

There are some PS4 titles that practically hand you their Platinum trophy, like many of the Telltale adventure games. There are also games with Platinum trophies that are brutally hard to unlock. Player engagement and the quality of gameplay is a huge factor in determining whether you will go out of your way to win a game’s Platinum trophy, as was the case with Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018.

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The PS4 exclusives with the highest number of Platinum trophy unlocks is Persona 5 Royal. According to Ungeek, the unlock percentage for Persona 5 Royal currently sits at 16.7%, putting it way ahead of Concrete Genie’s 13% and Ghost of Tsushima’s 12.9%. By comparison, the original Persona 5 only has an unlock rate of 2.6%, and that was also available on the PS3.

It’s surprising that Persona 5 Royal has such a high Platinum trophy unlock rate, considering how massive it is. Persona 5 Royal added a ton of new content to the story, including a new party member, new dungeons, and an entire new semester of the school year. How Long To Beat says that the average completion time for Persona 5 Royal is 103 hours, while a completionist run is 144 hours.

Persona 5 Royal is a phenomenal game, with an amazing story and engaging characters. It’s always a sad moment when fans have to leave the Phantom Thieves of Heart behind at the end of the game, even though they just spent over 100 hours with them. There are many players who aim for the Platinum trophy just to spend as much time with these characters as possible. Earning all of the trophies and completing every task in Persona 5 Royal is no small task, but many fans love the game so much that they will pour days of their lives into becoming master Phantom Thieves themselves — as proven by its Platinum trophy completion rate.

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