Persona 5 Royal: Justine And Caroline’s Special Outings Guide

Longtime Persona fans will remember the special dates you could take Elizabeth on in Persona 3 to teach her about the human world, during which she would get some… interesting ideas about humans before giving you a reward.

Looks like they’ve decided to bring this back for Persona 5 Royal, as now you can take the adorable, loveable, kind of scary Velvet Room warden twins on special outings to various parts of Tokyo. On the night of 6/6, you’ll get a call from Justine and Caroline demanding your presence, which begins this mini questline where you babysit them in exchange for skill cards.

It’s completely optional and has no bearing on the progression of their actual confidant rank, but the cards they give you as a reward are pretty sweet— so be sure to give them a tour whenever you get the chance. All you have to do is talk to Justine outside the Velvet Room door on nights when they’re available. 

Note that you must have unlocked the locations in question in order to chaperone them there. Also, unless otherwise stated, all outings are only available until 12/19.

In chronological order, the warden tour locations are:

1: Big Bang Burger

  • Availability: 6/6 and onwards
  • Unlock: Default
  • Reward: Maragi, Mabufu

2: Shibuya Movie Theatre

  • Availability: 6/7 and onwards
  • Unlock: Default, but you must have gone to see a movie there at least once prior to taking the twins there.
  • Reward: Frei, Psi

3: Shibuya Gym (Protein Lovers)

  • Availability: 6/15 and onwards
  • Unlock: Chariot confidant rank 5.
  • Reward: Apt Pupil, Counter

4: Kanda Chapel

  • Availability: 6/25 and onwards
  • Unlock: Automatic on 6/25 OR after clearing Kaneshiro’s Palace if done so before 6/25.
  • Reward: Samarecarm

5: Shinagawa Aquarium

  • Availability: 7/26 and onwards
  • Unlock: Reading Everyday Aquarium (Unofficial translation, bought from the Shibuya bookstore after 7/17) OR during an optional Justice confidant outing on 7/29
  • Reward: Masukukaja, Masukunda

6: Skytree (Asakusa)

  • Availability: 7/26 and onwards after completing previous outing. Unavailable on rainy days.
  • Unlock: Star rank 6, Lovers rank 7, OR reading Shita-machi Reborn (reward from Mementos mission “Who’s Muscling in Yongen-Jaya,” given by Mishima on 8/29)
  • Reward: Tarukaja, Rakukaja, Sukukaja

7: Miura Beach

  • Availability: From 9/2 to 9/19 OR 9/19 to 9/29 after completing the Maid Cafe outing. Unavailable on rainy days.
  • Unlock: Story progression on 8/29
  • Reward: Growth 2

8: Akihabara Maid Cafe

  • Availability: 9/19 and onwards
  • Unlock: Default, but you must have gone to see a movie there at least once prior to taking the twins there.
  • Reward: Tetraja, Dekunda, Dekaja

9: Destinyland (Maihama)

  • Availability: 10/1 and onwards. Unavailable on rainy days.
  • Unlock: Story progression on 10/11 OR reading Theme Park Escort (reward from Mementos mission “ We Aren’t Just Your Slaves,” given by Mishima the day after clearing Futaba’s Palace OR 8/2 at the earliest)
  • Reward: Tetrakarn

10: Ueno Art Museum

  • Availability: From 10/1 to 11/3
  • Unlock: Emperor rank 3
  • Reward: Regenerate 3

11: Leblanc

  • Availability: 11/15 and onwards
  • Unlock: Default
  • Reward: High Counter

12: Shibuya Underground Mall

  • Availability: 12/1 and onwards
  • Unlock: Default
  • Reward: Heat Riser

If you have completed all the outings with the exception of Miura Beach (#7) and Ueno Art Museum (#10) by 12/19, you will get one final opportunity to hang out:

Final: Leblanc Attic Room

  • Availability: 1/13 and onwards
  • Unlock: Default
  • Reward: Enduring Soul

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