Pokémon GO: How To Increase Shiny Lotad Odds

Pokémon GO has launched its Mega September event and packed it full of exciting new Pokémon Mega-evolution to discover, Mega Raids to conquer, and new trainers to battle. What has most trainers lacing up their shoes and heading out into the field is the chance to catch a shiny Lotad. If you want the best odds at encountering this rare Pokémon, make sure you follow these tips.

Starting on September 1, the first week of the Pokémon GO Mega September event, a shiny variant of Lotad can be found in the wild. Normally the chances of encountering a shiny type Pokémon are very rare, estimated at around 1 in 450, which can make hunting them seem completely overwhelming. However, there are a few ways to boost those odds if you act fast!

Best Ways To Increase Your Odds Of Catching A Shiny Lotad

There are 14 Pokémon that have a chance of being a shiny, with Lotad being the main focus for the beginning of the Mega September event. During this time Lotads will be a more common spawn, but also a reward for specific Event Tasks you can take on.

Lotad Event Task

If you’re going for that shiny Lotad, your best odds of getting one is to complete a new Event Task you can take on by spinning a Pokéstop. The task you’re looking for is to Win a Raid, which will automatically reward you with a Lotad that is guaranteed to be at least two stars or higher. The downside is you might get the regular, non-event related reward for this task and only get a Monferno, which can’t even be a shiny.

While you can find a Lotad in raids, and Pokémon you find there do have a higher chance of being shiny than normal, Lotad is not attached to any event raids and would only show up at random.

Wild Lotads

All Lotads during this even have a boosted spawn rate, so if you go to the right spot you should have a lot more luck encountering them wandering around than normal. Lotads, as you might guess, love water so check out any Pokéstops near water to find as many as possible, or grab an umbrella and go hunting while it’s raining. While you’re there you can also use a Glacial Lure to try and boost your luck at encountering even more of them.

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