Psychonauts 2 Is "Probably" Phil Spencer’s Game Of The Year

Phil Spencer has said that Psychonauts 2 is "probably" his Game Of The Year.

It's been a stacked year for potential Game Of The Year winners, with games like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Deathloop, and It Takes Two all deserving some love. That's not even mentioning Xbox's incredibly strong lineup of Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and, Psychonauts 2. It won't be easy for anyone to choose their favourite, but it seems like Xbox head, Phil Spencer, has a good idea of what his is.

As reported by Pure Xbox, Phil Spencer appeared on Major Nelson's 20th-anniversary video special to talk about Xbox's anniversary and what's coming up for the studio. Alongside that, Spencer talked about some of his favourite games in the year, including saying that Psychonauts 2 is "probably" his Game Of The Year.

Spencer said, "Frankly for me [Psychonauts 2] is probably my game of the year. Just a fantastic game… in my view, as a fan of Double Fine, it's the best game that they've ever shipped."

It's not just the sequel that Spencer has such positive thoughts on, as he also talked about his time replaying the original Psychonauts on the stream, "Before Psychonauts 2 came out I actually went through back compat and played through the original Psychonauts again really just reliving those moments. I was so impressed with how that stood up."

Although it might not come as a surprise to hear that the head of Xbox is going to call one of his own games his game of the year, Spencer isn't the only one. When Psychonauts 2 was released, many sites said that it was Game Of The Year material and an easy nomination for The Game Awards, including us at TheGamer.

Those people were later proven right, as Psychonauts 2 is currently one of the six Game Of The Year nominations for The Game Awards, which isn't a bad showing for something as unique as Psychonauts.

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