Sifu’s Story Will Only Be Understood After "Multiple Runs"

Sloclap has revealed that Sifu will have several hidden secrets that might require multiple runs for players fully understand the game's story of revenge.

So far, it seems Sifu won't be that long. There is no open-world or side activities — just a whole lot of Kung Fu and five bosses (representing Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, and Earth) to defeat. However, there appears to be some replay value to the game — not only to put your growing martial arts knowledge to the test, but for the sake discovering the full story.

Speaking to MP1st, Sifu executive producer Pierre Tarno said that "there are a couple of hidden secrets inside the game that might take a couple runs for players to fully understand." In addition, the producer mentioned that "the campaign length will vary depending on the Kung Fu skills of the player," so if you're a fast learner, you can probably beat your way to victory in just a couple of sessions.

The producer didn't go further into the detail, so for now we can only guess what this means. It is possible that there will be some kind of collectibles that could eventually reveal more story details, or that players might get newer information as they get more experienced.

Tarno didn't reveal how long Sifu's campaign will be, yet considering everything we know of the game so far, it will probably be of a comparable length to Absolver — the studio's previous martial arts game. For the record, you can finish Absolver in about seven to ten hours — a pretty decent size to make sure you don't get tired of it.

Earlier, Tarno revealed there won't be any difficulty options in Sifu, at least on day one. The team might consider adding more options after launch if the game ends up being too hard for some players. The devs said you can beat the entire game in a single life, which certainly sounds like a challenge.

Sifu is coming a bit earlier than expected — you can get kicking on February 8 on PS5, PS4, and PC.

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