The Quarry: How To Unlock The Blood Pact Achievement / Trophy

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Like other Supermassive Games titles, The Quarry challenges players to weave a path through the story where everyone survives, or where nobody does. Their latest tale of horror comes with a new twist, however; with precisely the right sequence of events, all nine playable characters can be bitten by the game's monsters, spreading the curse to the entire cast.

Unlocking the Blood Pact Achievement / Trophy requires keeping everyone alive long enough to get bitten and intentionally failing several input challenges. The result is a strange and terrifying tale unlike any of the other possible outcomes in the game.

This guide contains major spoilers for The Quarry. It is highly recommended that you refrain from reading further until you've finished the game at least once.


The first werewolf bit occurs early in the game, at the end of the prologue. Max is bitten as part of the main story after Laura finds the bones in the storm shelter, and remains a werewolf for most of the game.

Chapter One

When you start playing as Abigail, Emma will ask you to help her break into Cabin Ten to retrieve her luggage. Breaking into the cabin is necessary to get Dylan bitten later on, so go along with Emma's plan. There is also a Clue inside the cabin, in case you missed it on a previous playthrough.

If you want to ensure everyone survives, be sure to take the toy rabbit in the cabin, as Kaitlyn will need it to defeat Caleb at the end of the game.

Chapter Two

While it's not strictly necessary, you'll have an easier time getting Emma bitten later if you don't take the fireworks from the safe.

Chapter Three

Nick And Abigail

Chapter Three contains several key decision points that affect your ability to get everyone infected. Nick is always bitten during the first werewolf encounter, but most players miss the chance to get Abigail bitten in this scene as well.

When Abigail is fleeing from the monster, succeed at input challenges until you have the opportunity to hide. Intentionally fail the Don't Breathe event that follows, and the creature will bite Abigail before she escapes.

You can save time by not climbing the tree. Werewolves are adept climbers, so it's not a great idea anyway.


While Jacob can't be bitten in Chapter Three, it is possible for him to die if you aren't careful. If you stole the rotor arm in Chapter One, you'll have a chance to dive into the lake to retrieve it. Succeeding at the quick-time event that follows uncovers a piece of Evidence, but gets Jacob tangled in some chains. If this happens, always choose to detangle rather than pull, as pulling results in Jacob's death by drowning.

In Jacob's next scene, he'll be cornered by Bobby who will attempt to smear werewolf blood on Jacob's face. When you have the opportunity to do so, throw dirt at Bobby to allow Jacob to escape. This is necessary for Jacob to be bitten in a later Chapter.

Chapter Four

When Emma reaches the treehouse, start by searching the bags to get some clothes and weapons. When she opens the trapdoor and is attacked by werewolf Max, use the taser to stun him then take a picture before fleeing.

Succeed at the following input challenges, using the bear spray to drive the beast back when the opportunity presents itself. When Emma returns to the treehouse, attempt to escape through the trapdoor but fail the button mashing challenge. Emma will suffer a bite before slamming the trapdoor shut.

In Emma's next scene, reel the zipline in slowly and don't speed up. This prevents any possibility of Emma missing the jump and falling to her death.

Chapter Five

When Ryan and Dylan are in the radio hut, they'll use the PA system to warn Kaitlyn and the others about the nearby werewolf. Since you opened the cabin door in Chapter One, they'll be able to hide inside. The werewolf will remain focused on the radio hut, eventually breaking through the ceiling and biting Dylan. Refuse to cut off Dylan's hand and the infection will spread, transforming him into a werewolf later on.

Chapter Six


When Jacob and Emma are attacked by a werewolf, the easiest way to get him bitten is to succeed at the first quick-time event, then run rather than hide. Fail the button-mashing challenge, and Jacob will be bitten before Jedediah is able to intervene.


If Emma wasn't bitten in Chapter Four, you'll have another chance in Chapter Six. If you took the fireworks from the safe in Chapter Two, be sure that you don't pick up the firecracker near the campfire.

When Emma encounters the hunters, run away immediately. A nearby werewolf will pounce on Emma, and without the firecracker to stun it she will be bitten.

If Emma was bitten by Max in Chapter Four, ignore this section. You can use the firecracker to scare off the werewolf if it's available, or observe the hunters and fight them off when they catch you.

Chapter Seven

Laura is bitten by Max as part of the main storyline, and will transform at the end of Chapter Nine.

Chapter Eight

When Ryan and Laura find the electrified cages, stop Laura from shooting Nick. It's unclear whether the Achievement / Trophy requires all bitten characters to be alive, but it's better not to take the risk.

As Kaitlyn, be sure to tell Dylan that you need his help for the trip to the scrapyard. He must be present to get Kaitlyn bitten without also getting her killed.

Chapter Nine


After Ryan is stabbed, it's easier to navigate the following scenes if you pull the knife out. Hide in the cabinet when Bobby approaches and succeed at all the following quick-time events. When Ryan collapses, Laura will offer to bite him. Accept the bite to infect Ryan, although you won't see him transform at any point – he'll either die or be cured before that happens.


When Dylan is operating the crane in the scrapyard, warn Kaitlyn of the approaching werewolf. When it attacks, slam the car in an attempt to dislodge it. Kaitlyn will fall to the ground and the beast will pursue her. Fail at the ensuing button-mash challenge and Kaitlyn will suffer a bite before Dylan is able to drop the car on the werewolf.

With Kaitlyn's bite, all nine main characters are now infected! The end of the game is still up to you – what will your final decisions be?

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