Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart’s Platinum Might Not Be Such An Easy Get After All

One of Rift Apart’s trophies is a little trickier to obtain than all the others, making what should be a relatively easy platinum a little harder to land.

It’s officially Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart release day. While a fair bit is known about the game already, today’s the day that the rest of the world can get to grips with Rift Apart and find out what all the fuss is about. The reviews have painted it as the true beginning of the PS5 era, and you’ll struggle to find one bad thing said about the sequel.

There is an issue with one of its trophies though and even though it is a little nitpicky, it can be a slight annoyance in an otherwise terrific game. It will quickly become clear that most of Rift Apart’s trophies are pretty easy to unlock. However, the Shifty Character trophy, which requires you to hit all the Blizon Crystals, could result in you having to replay the entire game if you’re not careful.

The issue is one particular grind rail on the planet Blizar Prime. Even though you can revisit the planet once the campaign is complete, the grind rail is inaccessible once you have ridden it once. That means if you miss the Blizon Crystals on that rail, they’ll be lost to you forever.

Well, not forever. It will require you to start the game all over again in order to access that rail though, which is a huge pain. You will just need to be extra vigilant when approaching and riding that rail to make sure you don’t miss them. Despite the problematic trophy, Insomniac’s claim that Rift Apart’s platinum can be unlocked in just one playthrough still rings true.

There’s a very real chance this is an oversight on Insomniac’s part. It seems odd that the rest of the game’s trophies can be unlocked with relative ease and without the fear of needing to play the entire game again if you miss something relatively minor. If it is a mistake, it could well be patched in the future. For the time being, be alert when grinding rails on Blizar Prime.

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