Redditor Remembers PS2 As Their Secret Weed Stash

The PlayStation 2 turned 20 this week, and the gaming world has been sharing its favorite memories of the console – some more unique than others.

Ask any gamer what the best console of all time has been, up until this point. You’d likely spark a heated debate that will probably go on long into the night. However, from an objective standpoint, it’s hard to look beyond the PlayStation 2. Sony’s second offering to the console world well and truly changing the gaming industry for the better. Plus, it’s the best selling console of all time, shifting more than 150 million units.

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the PS2 and the industry has been sharing their memories of the console and what made it great. Whether it be their favorite games to play on the platform, features the PS2 brought to the video game world, or elements of the console’s design.

In fact, one Redditor has highlighted a particular area of the console’s design that they very much enjoyed. A feature many owners of the console might not have even realized existed, and probably wouldn’t have been using for the same reason as this particular Redditor. At the base of the back of the original PS2 was a slot for an HDD, and the below Redditor discovered it was the perfect place to hide something he didn’t want others to find.

“The best feature the PS2 had was the HDD slot doubled as a place to hide my weed,” the Redditor wrote. Well, that’s certainly not a use we ever thought of back in the day. Judging by the comments on the post, not only are people impressed by the innovation of the Redditor, but many were surprised to discover that the PS2 had an HDD slot.

20 years on, it seems as if Sony had big plans for the slot, but those plans never came to fruition. Only a handful of games ever made use of the feature, such as Final Fantasy XI – the only game that required it. Others used it to allow faster loading times, and it could also be used to access a very early version of the PlayStation store. It mostly offered demos, but it seems as if Sony had plans to make the PS2 even more groundbreaking than it already was.

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