Remember Temtem? It Just Got Ranked Matchmaking (And A Lot More)

Hey, remember Temtem? That Pokémon clone that got a lot of attention a little while back? It’s still getting updates, and it just got ranked matchmaking for competitive matches.

According to Steamcharts, the utter madness Temtem generated at its launch earlier this year has died down to a dull murmur. Temtem is still in early access, so when people found out there really wasn’t a whole lot of content in the game, they put Temtem down to perhaps pick it up again later.

That “later” might turn into “now” for some players as Temtem just released its 0.5.16 update. This brings ranked matchmaking and spectator mode to the game as per Temtem’s spring roadmap.

This is just a first iteration of competitive Temtem battling, so expect a few hiccups. Tamers are matched via their TMR (Tamer Matchmaking Rating), and all Temtem are autoscaled to max level (48). SVs are also set to their maximum of 50, but TVs remain unchanged.

Ranked battles will eventually award pansuns, but that’s still disabled as testing is ongoing.

Spectator mode has also been added, which allows Tamers to watch competitive matches and study potential opponents. Two new status conditions were added (Alerted and Evading), and 22 brand new animations were added for various Temtem techniques.

There’s a lot more added too, along with bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Check out the patch notes here for more.

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