Sasha Grey Talks About Awkwardly Getting Recognized In Public

During a Twitch stream, Sasha Grey was asked by a viewer about how often she gets recognized in public. Luckily for her audience, she was instantly reminded of an entertaining yet awkward story from that very same day.

Recalling her recent trip to the grocery store, she described an instance of a guy who tried to take a picture of her in secret. After the stranger performed a double-take, he pretended to take a picture of snacks, “but [was] clearly taking a picture of [her].”  She apparently caught him the act and joked about how he should just asked for the picture.

Fans were quick to point out the creepiness of taking unsolicited photos, specifically how cringe-inducing it is when the perpetrators are caught red-handed.

For those unfamiliar, Sasha Grey’s first claim to fame was generated by her popularity in adult films; She started streaming on Twitch during the first half of 2019 and has since gained a considerable following of over 330,000 users.

Being someone from the industry, she receives no shortage of odd requests and other strange encounters. Past aside, she has built a respectable reputation on the platform, mixing her “Just Chatting” content with play-throughs of various games such as The Witcher 3 and Resident Evil 2.

Redditor “BillardClub” made an controversial observation about the genre after viewing Sasha’s clip: “I just find it funny that the actual pornstars/retired pornstars on Twitch, are more classy/respectful of the rules than the Twitch thots themselves that admins/staff let break said rules.” Whether or not the assertion is true remains up for debate, but the user has received over 750 upvotes on the comment.

Another retired actress from the industry who is also on Twitch, Evelyn Claire, famously made a targeted joke about the culture on Twitch. While she is no where near as popular as Sasha, she did catch the attention of Trainwrecks following the joke.

Ex-pornstar or not, being inappropriate towards others is ill-advised. Mr. grocery-store should’ve simply mustered up the courage to ask for a photo with the actress/streamer — being told no is a better fate than creepin’ around behind the scenes.

Sources: Twitch, Reddit

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