What If Animal Crossing Is Just The Player’s Nightmare?

The question of “What if it was all a dream?” is a very trope-y one when it comes to discussing plot theories for stories, shows, movies, and games. Among the Sleep was a literal example of this where the player character is traversing a nightmare. However, under our noses was the worst nightmare of all-time in gaming: the world of Animal Crossing.

It’s easy to scoff at this idea. After all, players simply mosey along the grassy landscape of serene towns, cities, and islands, encountering cute co-villagers, being rewarded for catching bugs, and improving the interior and exterior of their homes. But, in reality, Animal Crossing is actually just one long nightmare.

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On its face, the biggest nightmare element of it all is paying off extreme debt. Of course, this is a part of the real world as well. Paying rent and mortgages is common for adults, but it’s a neverending nightmare for the villager in Animal Crossing. Making additions to homes costs a jaw-dropping amount of money, especially when considering you can’t exactly land a full-time job. It’s not asking for much; an entry-level position would be real nice when trying to be independent.

This brings us to the next component of the nightmare; repetition. Sure, we love Animal Crossing when we’re able to get succulent fruits, dig up rare treasures, and catch questionably valuable bugs. However, what kind of living is this? Those in the agrarian community will be familiar with the concept of collecting fruits and vegetables for later consumption by buyers. Yet, this involves more complex tools and processes than the simple shaking of a tree or use of a shovel.

The repetition just has to get to the poor villager.

And, finally, the concept of talking animals may sound neat or charming at first. But think about it: How would you feel if you were accosted by a cat for some brow-raising request? If it were a one-off, it could be discounted as a bizarre (perhaps hallucinogen-induced) experience. However, this happens on a frighteningly regular basis.

All sympathy goes to Animal Crossing‘s villager. Hopefully, their dream will all be over soon.

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