Returnal Is An Upcoming PS5 Shooter From Nex Machina And Resogun Devs

A new third-person shooter from Housemarque, Returnal was announced for PlayStation 5 during the PS5 reveal event. The reveal showed a middle-aged woman landing on an alien planet fighting against demon-looking creatures and spiders. The narration at the start of the trailer said she was reliving her first moments on the planet “over and over.”

The planet appears to change every time you die, impacting the player character as well. The game reveal also showed a glimpse of the third-person shooting, with the main character using an assault rifle to aliens of this new planet.

The game is being published by PlayStation Worldwide Studios and is coming exclusively to the PS5. Housemarque has previously developed Matterfall in 2017 and Resogun in 2013. This wasn’t the only game announced during the event, with first looks at a new Spider-Man game and a new Ratchet and Clank game.

For more, check out the full list of games announced for the PS5 during Sony’s reveal stream, and don’t forget to get your first look at what the PS5 actually looks like. According to Sony, details on the PS5’s price and release date will come at a later date.

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