Roblox "Cybermob" Leader Banned From Platform, Ordered To Pay $150,000

Benjamin Robert Simon, better known as "Ruben Sim," has once again been banned from Roblox. But this time, it's thanks to a court order that also comes alongside a hefty fine.

Roblox sued Ruben Sim for years of violating Roblox's terms of service and leading a "cybermob" that terrorized the platform through verbal abuse, racist and homophobic language, and sexual harassment. Some of that harassment was targeted against Roblox employees both in and off the platform.

Ruben had already been banned from Roblox but kept finding his way back online by obtaining other users' accounts or by "hacking" into the game. The last straw came last October during the Roblox Developers Conference when Ruben tweeted about a possible "terrorist threat." That got the conference temporarily shut down as police swept the area, costing Roblox $50,000.

Finally done with Ruben's behavior, Roblox sued for damages amounting $1.6 million. According to court documents obtained by Polygon, that number was eventually reduced to $160,000 along with a strengthened ban for “several years.”

This time, the court-ordered ban includes a prohibition on making, publishing, or republishing "false threats or terrorist activity relating to Roblox." Ruben is also barred from making fast statements on Roblox, inciting violence against Roblox, its employees, or offices, and he can't go near a Roblox property. He also can't encourage or glamorize any violation of Roblox's rules and must take town any previous YouTube videos that did so.

Ruben didn't offer any comment following the ruling but promised a response will be uploaded to his YouTube account "in the next couple of months."

Frankly, Ruben really doesn't need to lie about Roblox to take it down. The truth alleged by People Make Games journalist Quintin Smith is already much more terrifying. Child abuse, exploitation, and even pedophilia are documented in a recent video that's definitely not for the faint of heart.

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