Call Of Duty: Warzone – The Complete Guide

The moment Call of Duty fans have been waiting for is finally here: there’s another battle royale game on the scene! Genre fatigue aside, Warzone is establishing itself as a unique battle royale and Call of Duty experience. Its huge scale, second-chance Gulag, and inventive Plunder game mode keep it it from feeling like an Apex Legends or Fortnite ripoff. More importantly, they keep players coming back for more. Which means there’s a lot of people who put way too many hours into the game just waiting to destroy you and your squad.

Below you’ll find some helpful resources that may save your life, explain just what is going on in Warzone, and maybe even get you the win. The only thing we can’t do is teach you how to aim or not get shot. That you’ll have to figure out on your own.

Getting Started

There’s a tutorial that kicks off Warzone, but there’s so much going on that one could be forgiven for forgetting some of the basics. Here’s a refresher on navigating the map and modes.

  • What Is Plunder?
  • Warzone Keeps All Your Modern Warfare Progress, Here’s How It Works
  • Contracts, Explained
  • Perks Explained & How To Get Them
  • The Best Drop Zones In Verdansk


Victory in battle royale often depends on who found the better loot. Here we explain how loot is categorized and how to find the good stuff.

  • What Each Weapon Color Means
  • The Best Way To Farm (And Spend) Some Cash
  • 5 Strongest Weapons In Call Of Duty: Warzone (& The 5 Weakest)

The Gulag

The Gulag is Warzone‘s unique take on revival in battle royale. Whereas other games have you collect some revival item and bring it to a special place on the map, Warzone sends downed players to the Gulag. There, players fight 1v1 for the right to return to the big battlefield. Here are some of the early pro tips players have discovered.

  • Gulag Explained & How To Get Back In The Game
  • How To Outsmart The Enemy And Win In The Gulag

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