Rockstar Games server status: GTA Online outages, Red Dead Redemption 2, Social Club

Rockstar Games fans have reported a number of server issues these past few days, with GTA Online the main focus of players’ problems. Server difficulties for GTA Online fans began on Friday May 15 – a day after GTA V was made available as a free-to-download title on the Epic Games Store. This amazing offer is only available for a limited time only, and the huge demand for the GTA deal ended up taking the Epic Games Store offline when it went live.

And in the following days there have been a number of large scale reported issues with GTA Online.

For three days in a row now independent outage monitor Down Detector has registered server problems for GTA Online.

In all of these cases Down Detector and has registered hundreds – if not thousands – of reports of GTA Online being down.

The latest reported GTA Online problems came around 7am on Sunday May 7, with logging a peak of over 3,000 reports of Grand Theft Auto down.


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As the most recent GTA Online outage hit fans took to social networking site Twitter to report issues with the hugely popular game.

One posted: “GTA Online goes down soon as I get on to play”.

Another GTA fan tweeted: “GTA Online Down? #GTAOnline #GTA #GTAOnlineDown?”

And another tweeter posted: “Knew it GTA servers are down again”.

The Rockstar Support Twitter has not posted about the reported outages on Saturday and Sunday.

But on Friday May 15 they did confirm Social Club issues which would have been affecting GTA Online players.

They tweeted: “We are aware of an issue resulting in Social Club account verification email delays and are actively working to resolve it.

“Players who have not received their account verification email after 4 hours should resubmit an email verification request.”

The Rockstar Support website, however, has been giving updates.

While during the recent spate of server troubles the Rockstar Service Status page looks to have been providing updates.

The status page has confirmed recent GTA Online outages that have affected PS4, Xbox One and PCs.

It also confirmed the Social Club issues, which had a knock-on effect for those wishing to play Red Dead Online.

If you need to get in touch with Rockstar Support if another outage hits then just be aware there have been a few changes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A post on the Rockstar Service Status page says: ” As part of our efforts to protect the health and safety of our support agents, the following service changes are in effect.

“Call-back and Chat requests for all languages are temporarily suspended.

“Responses to support requests may take longer depending on the issue and available agents.

“As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding.”

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