Rumor: Brand New Paper Mario Coming This Year

A new rumor claims Nintendo has big plans for Mario’s 35th anniversary, including a new installment in the Paper Mario series.

Nintendo hasn’t said too much regarding Super Mario lately. The last game, Super Mario Maker 2, released back in June. Even during the company’s recent mini Direct, Mario was nowhere to be seen. Still, the iconic character can’t stay idle for long. Nintendo did announce a LEGO collaboration recently. If a new rumor is to be believed, that is just the beginning of Mario’s 2020.

According to VGC, sources told the site Mario is going to have quite a fruitful year. The report states Nintendo is planning on remastering “most” of the Mario catalog for Switch. Not only that, but the company is planning on releasing a new Paper Mario game, along with “several other Mario titles.” Eurogamer corroborates the report, saying its sources indicate Super Mario Galaxy is getting the remaster treatment, along with a “couple of other 3D Mario” titles. Also, the Eurogamer sources state Super Mario 3D World is getting a deluxe edition, complete with an “array of new levels.”

The VGC article also says Nintendo is planning on unveiling new details regarding Super Nintendo World and the upcoming Super Mario movie from Illumination. All this, according to the report, was supposed to be announced in a physical capacity at E3 before the gaming convention was cancelled. Nintendo could unveil all this digitally instead.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a new Paper Mario game en route for this year. A remastering of Mario games from throughout the series is an unexpected thought. However, the older Mario games, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World, are already available through Nintendo Switch Online. Remastering does make sense for games like Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. VGC and Eurogamer did ask Nintendo for comment, but the company gave the usual non-commenting on rumors reply.

Nintendo remastering the plumber’s games would be nice for new Switch owners, and older fans looking to relive those grand 3D games in HD. It would not be surprising to see a new Paper Mario installment. Although the previous two installments were not received as well as Super Paper Mario and Thousand-Year Door, the Paper Mario brand name is still a positive one. For now, stay tuned to see if this rumor proves accurate.

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