Rumor: Travis Scott Is Next Up For A Fortnite Skin

It seems as if no name is too big for a collaboration with Fortnite these days, and that apparently includes famous rappers as well. A Travis Scott Fortnite skin has recently been circulating around Twitter, calling into question whether or not we might see the rapper make an in-game appearance soon.

The Houston rapper, who is most famous for songs like “Sicko Mode,” “Antidote,” and “90210” is known to be an avid Fortnite player himself, previously streaming with the likes of Ninja, Drake, and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Now it looks like he might get his very own skin within the game some time soon.

Although the leaked image isn’t of the best quality, we can clearly tell that it’s a Travis Scott Fortnite skin. The unmistakable braids are there, and the model is even wearing Travis Scott’s signature Air Jordan 1 “Cactus Jack” shoes. If you look closely, you’ll even noticed that the tattoos match those of the real-life rapper.

The leaked image comes from dataminers by the name of Lucas7Yoshi and Hypex, two names that are highly credible in the Fortnite leaks community. When something is leaked in regards to Fortnite, one of these two users are behind it nine times out of ten, so there’s plenty of reason to give them some credibility.

Even then, Hypex has admitted that they are still looking into verifying the source. The quality of the image is considerably low, so the possibility that this might be fake is certainly there. That being said, Fortnite‘s track record sets a precedent for such a skin.

Fortnite previously collaborated with another artist, Marshmello, back in February of 2019. Marshmello also received an in-game skin, and even held a live in-game concert. A musical artist getting a Fortnite skin is certainly nothing new, and if this leak is accurate, there’s a fair chance that Travis Scott might be putting on a performance within the game as well.

If anything, we should know by now that Fortnite is able to score collaborations with almost anyone. After having events with the NFL, Batman, The Avengers, John Wick, and many other franchises, it really seems as if nothing is out of the realm of possibility for the battle royale shooter, including Travis Scott.

Source: RapTV

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