Run Around With Dogs In Bark Park, Coming Soon to iOS

Bark Park is coming to iOS mobile to let you enjoy the great outdoors with your pooch while being stuck inside.

Dog parks in many parts of the country are closed due to the coronavirus. It’s not that dogs can carry the virus, but it is the case that dog parks tend to be social congregating zones for both people as well as dogs, so unfortunately, they gotta close down until we get this whole pandemic under control.

In the meantime, you can play Bark Park to get that dog park feeling without leaving your home. Sort of.

Bark Park is a territory control multiplayer game for iOS. Since you’re a dog, territory control, in this case, means peeing on a tree–pee on the most trees and you win. The game starts with a mad dash to a central fountain to drink, then an equally mad dash to a tree in order to relieve yourself. Continue until one player has the most trees when time runs out.

Of course, there are several dog-centric attacks that can trip up your opponents. One is the ability to defecate, which will naturally drive nearby dogs to stop what they’re doing in order to either investigate and/or roll around in the freshly laid filth.

There are several dogs (and also a pig and duck) to choose from, and you can also customize your dog with a hat and costume. No word on monetization, but expect these costumes to not come cheap.

Bark Park arrives on iOS on April 8th.

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