RuneScape Introducing New Orthen Dig Site On October 19

Believe it or not, RuneScape’s Archaeology skill has already been out in the wild for more than a year. At this point, many players are starting to inch towards the skill cap, and Jagex wants to give them plenty of new content to explore during the final push to 120. In that vein, RuneScape will be introducing a brand new dig site, Orthen, later this month on October 19.

In its latest blog post, Jagex described Orthen as the “mysterious sixth dig site,” and that it was “once the stronghold of the dragonkin on Gielinor.” RuneScape has been planting seeds about the history of Anachronia, and with the introduction of Orthen the team is hoping to bring those secrets to the surface.

Orthen will be broken up into numerous sections throughout Anacrhonia. Jagex mentions that we won’t need to have max Agility to quickly reach all of them, either, as it stated that “there’ll be a new, quicker way to zip about the island,” although nothing concrete is mentioned.

Of these new sections, the first on your list will be The Crypt of Varanus, described as “a spooky little hole-in-the-wall with a tragic story.” The new dig site will introduce 10 new excavation spots, 22 new artefacts, and five new materials. It’s intended as a place for you to improve your Archaelolgoy skills from 90 to 120 – in fact, you’ll need at least level 90 Archaeology to start working in Orthen. Jagex said that it’s also beneficial to have finished the Desperate Measures questline, as that will help during some of the more challenging sections of the dig site.

The update will also reintroduce Sharrigan, the ilujanka from One of a Kind. She’ll be interested in learning about the artefacts you uncover and is quick to share information about how they relate to the world of Gielinor.

Fully excavating Orthen will reward you with three new relics including a flask of Soma – billed as a “dragonkin delicacy that will increase your archaeological precision… at a price.” There’s also a way to raise the Monolith power cap, although Jagex is leaving that a mystery for you to discover on your own.

There’s a bunch more content planned around the release of Orthen, so head on over to the official RuneScape website to get the complete rundown on what to expect this month.

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