Saints Row: Severance Package Walkthrough

There are plenty of twists and turns during the main narrative of Saints Row. One such instance occurs late in the game when the leader of Marshall, Atticus Marshall, claims ownership of the Saints. He has the legal right to the gang due to a non-compete that was in the Boss's contract when he worked there.

To get out of the sticky situation, the protagonist teams up with Myra Starr to remove Atticus from his own company. The unlikely duo executes their plan during the Severance Package mission. As such, it serves as an exciting quest and contains a big decision at the end.

Pick Up The Dead Drop

After initiating the mission through your phone, you have a conversation with Myra. She tells you to pick up a dead drop containing the override codes you require. So, your first task is to head over to Lakeshore North to pick up the drive.

When you get there, the game puts you directly in front of the dead drop. You're then instructed to go to the shipping yard in West Flats. Along the way, the team discusses the plan.

Destroy Marshall's Vehicles And Steal The Tank

When you get to the shipping yard, you must cause enough ruckus that an AI tank arrives. So, start by destroying Marshall's vehicles – while dealing with their troops.

The Boss suggests getting into one of the APCs, but it isn't a requirement. After all, everyone seems to be conveniently parked next to explosive red barrels. Just shoot several of them to blow up various cars and force the tank to arrive. When it does, enter the vehicle quickly.

Cause Mayhem At The Mall

Once you get full control over the tank, you must drive to the nearby mall. When you get there, the goal is simple: destroy. Just start blowing up all the vehicles by using your cannon or simply driving over them. It's basically the classic Saints Row activity turned venture quest Mayhem.

Enemies are attacking you during this part, but they don't do much damage – at least, not on the default difficulty.

Cause Mayhem At The Stadium

Eventually, you will need to destroy the statue that is outside of the nearby stadium. When that's down, your tank stops working. This only lasts a little while before your hacker friends get you back up and running.

At this point, you must head to the expo, which is on the other side of the stadium. Once you're there, it's all about destroying everything again. Eventually, you will have a call with Myra, which leads to the mission-ending cutscene.

Should You Shoot Or Fire Atticus?

The said scene involves the Marshall board members having a vote over whether Atticus should remain in charge.

It's a tie, but you serve as the tie-breaker. Your options aren't whether he stays or not. Instead, you decide between shooting or firing the man.

It's the only story choice you get to make in the game.

  • If you choose to fire him, he gets escorted out of the room, and he's not too happy.
  • If you opt to shoot the man, he dies instantly.

Neither option has any lasting impact on the story. Myra still gives you the Saints no matter what, and you gain the same mission rewards.

So, it's up to you what you decide to do to the man.

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