This Week In GTAV Online (4/5-4/11)

This week is Grand Theft Auto Online is going to be one of the best in a while, thanks to the decision to bring back a Spooktacular Halloween event for a limited time. Players can jump into the game now for the Alien Survival Series and Peyote plants from last year’s October event, both of which are available from now until Monday, April 13.

The event is largely unchanged from 2019, where players can choose from seven different Survival modes around the map against aliens with big, big gun. Peyote plants provide some of the most interesting experiences in the entire game, as a character hallucinates and then becomes an animal, ranging from a bird that can fly around the map, to Bigfoot.

In other news this week, Ned Luke, the voice actor for Michael De Santa, spoke about the recent video hoax that duped fans into believing that Grand Theft Auto 6 was right around the corner. His advice was right on brand and basically boils down to a simple ‘stop believing everything you read online’: “They say GTA 6 is going be made in Vice City. How do all these people get all this information? People, do you not understand? Do not believe anything you see on the Internet from BossManF—TheWorld, or whatever his name is, or any of those guys.”

Great advice for the week, now log in and go kick some alien ass!

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