Some Sicko Is Making A Pokemon FPS Where You Kill Pikachu

Video games truly are the gift that keep on giving. An indie developer has just put out a tweet showing off their progress on a Pokemon FPS game. Remember all those Pokemon Gun memes when Sword & Shield came out? Well, they dared to turn memes into reality.

The tweet is blowing up right now, and for good reason. The game looks pretty decent, if by decent you mean equal parts cool and horrifying. A trainer walks around a wooded, grassy area and straight up shoots a Nidoqueen to death. In fairness, it was coming right at 'em.

There's no pretense here. No, oh the Pokemon just fainted and is going to sleep now. Nope. Blood spurts out when you shoot them and everything. That thing is deader than disco. Killing a charging Niqoqueen or Arbok, I get it. They're big dangerous 'mons. But was there any need to pump a Pikachu full of lead? A cute, innocent, darling little mouse. There was not, but that's what makes this game look so absurdly fun.

The first half of the video shows off different 'mons in what we can only assume is a deadly Safari zone. One for people who want to kill-'em'all, not catch them. Poliwrath and Hitmonchan charge and throw punches, but a few slugs quickly bring them down. There are three different areas with more challenging Pokemon as your progress. Then there's a hidden warp panel in each that takes you to a special boss fight.

These are where the game really shines. The player fights a Zapdos atop a mountain that rains lightning down from the sky and summons electrified tornadoes. It looks a lot cooler than the fight in Unite. There's also an Articuno fight where the graceful bird brings forth giant ice spikes from the ground beneath. There's a player health bar, so it's clear these creatures can kill you too.

There's also a Mewtwo fight we get to see, where the Psychic experiment throws objects at the player using telekinesis. It also summons raging Tauros and surrounds itself with some sort of energy shield that protects it from your bullets.

A lot of effort looks to have gone into making this game, which the creators won't be selling as they don't want to attract the ire of Nintendo's legal team. You can watch their dev blog here.

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