Spellbreak: Pyromancer Class Guide

Pyromancers are one of the most well-rounded classes in Spellbreak. Offering good damage, excellent area control, and several great attack combinations, it’s likely one of the first classes you’ll enjoy playing. Here’s what you need to know about Pyromancers before touching down in the Hollow Lands.

Pyromancer Class Overview

One of the best features of the Pyromancer class is their versatility. Unlike Frostborn – which excel at long range – and Stoneshapers – who dominate up close – Pyromancers can do a bit of both. Your base attack will be Fireball, a great mid-range skill that deals out good damage and also ignites the target on a direct hit. Firewall is your Sorcery, which is literally a massive wall of fire, and is great for controlling the flow of combat and dictating where your enemy is going to move. Use it early against opponents who are highly mobile to disorient them and gain the upperhand.

As you make your way to each new circle, you’ll also earn new passive skills. Here’s what you’ll benefit from as a Pyromancer:

Level 1: Combust – Fireball ignites enemies on a direct hit, explosion radius increased by 200%.

Level 2: Firefly – Immune to your team’s Firewalls, and you’ll take flight upon walking through one.

Level 3: Pyrolysis – Firewall damage increased by 100%.

Level 4: Conflagration – Fireballs erupt into four smaller Fireballs when they explode.

Best Secondary Gauntlets

Fire Gauntlets pair well with Toxic, Stone, and Wind Gauntlets. It has a powerful combination attack with all three of these, and we’d recommend experimenting with them to see which works best for your playstyle. Frost and Lightning Gauntlets, on the other hand, don’t confer much of a benefit to Pyromancers, and they usually aren’t a good fit for this class.

Best Runes & Talents

As usual, Flight and Teleportation are great for Pyromancers. Teleportation is particularly useful after you’ve cast Firewall – while your opponent’s vision is blocked, teleport behind them for a surprise attack. You can also walk through a Firewall if you have the Firefly skill, bombard the enemy, then teleport or fly away for a quick escape.

As far as Talents go, you can’t go wrong with the following:

Mind: Runic Fluency – Increases max Rune charge by one. Always useful regardless of class, as it dramatically improves your mobility.

Body: Fervor – Increases your spellcasting speed, excellent for bombarding small areas and controlling the pace of the fight.

Spirit: Recovery – Regenerate 50% of damage taken. Especially useful when fighting at close range and you’re prone to walking into toxic pools and opponent Fireballs.

Best Combination Attacks

Pyromancers make excellent teammates thanks to their wide assortment of combination attacks. Understanding how to use these synergies to their fullest is the key to success in Spellbreak. Here are a few of the best offered by Pyromancers:

Fireball + Toxic Cloud: Ignites Toxic Cloud into a fiery explosion, dealing damage to anyone nearby.

Firewall + Shockwave: Ignites Shockwave, dealing increased damage to anyone it hits.

Fireball + Tornado: Create a swirling inferno that pulls in opponents and deals fire damage.

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