Star Wars: Squadrons Multiplayer Gameplay Livestream

For today’s livestream we’re playing multiplayer in Star Wars: Squadrons, a AAA immersive space combat game from EA Motive! If you’re curious about how we livestream the way we do then look no further than this handy guide for general tips and this guide specific to our Oculus Quest setup.

In case you missed it yesterday, our review-in-progress published for Star Wars: Squadrons, including impressions on the story mode, gameplay, and VR support. We’ll update it with a finalized score once we finish the story and spend time with the multiplayer modes this weekend. Speaking of, now that the game’s out, we can dive in for some multiplayer right now! We may be joined by some other Upload staff on the stream as well.

Our Star Wars: Squadrons livestream is planned to start at about 10:30 AM PT today and will last for around an hour or two so, give or take. We’ll be hitting just our YouTube and I’ll be streaming from an Oculus Quest via Link using a T.16000M flight stick. I’m flying mostly solo on this one and will pin chat inside my cockpit to keep an eye on things.


Star Wars: Squadrons VR Multiplayer Livestream

Check out the Star Wars: Squadrons stream embedded right here and down below once live:

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And please let us know which games or discussions you want us to livestream next! We have lots of VR games in the queue that we would love to show off more completely. Let’s get ready to go!

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