Nintendo Surprise Launches Free Switch Game About Jump Rope

Nintendo has released a new, free game on the Switch Eshop without any prior warning. It’s called Jump Rope Challenge, and you play it by using two Joy-Con controllers, which you hold as though they were the handles of a jump rope (or “skipping rope” for those of us in Australia).

Two players can play together, each using just one Joy-Con, and the game is aiming to be as simple as possible, challenging you to jump 100 times a day. There are no tutorials and the menus are very simple, so don’t expect a fitness regime on par with Ring Fit Challenge–but it’s also totally free.

The game was developed internally at Nintendo Japan by a small team of developers working from home. It’s designed to give players a quick, easy form of exercise without needing to leave the house.

Jump Rope Challenge is available until the end of September; the game is, for whatever reason, intended as a limited-time release. Download it now so that you can keep it forever, like players who still own a PlayStation 4 with P.T. installed.

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