Starfield images continue to leak before any real gameplay is shown

Alleged screenshots from an old build of Starfield have leaked online, but all they seem to show is a single building.

Despite being due out in seven months, we still know very little about Starfield. While director Todd Howard has described it as ‘Skyrim in space,’ Microsoft and Bethesda have kept a tight lid on what it’s actually about.

Eager fans have had to make do with the occasional piece of concept art and leaked images. Speaking of, several more of the latter have supposedly been shared via Reddit.

The source claims they’re from a 2018 build of the game, so they’re not entirely indicative of what the final product will look like. However, they do match up with previous leaked screenshots in terms of visuals.

Unfortunately, they don’t confirm anything we didn’t know already, only showing off a building, close-ups of architecture, and an astronaut (presumably the player character) staring out across the landscape of a planet, one that is clearly unfinished and lacking textures.

Fans in the comments appear to be very excited for Starfield just for the aesthetic alone (described by Bethesda as NASA-Punk) but some do have reservations due to the images being of an old build. Others are hopeful that gameplay footage will finally be shown this summer.

Although this year’s E3 has been cancelled, Microsoft will likely hold its own showcase during the summer time (or perhaps earlier) similar to previous years. If so, Starfield is all but guaranteed to make an appearance. If not, that would only set off alarm bells about a delay.

There was a trailer at E3 2021, that apparently featured in-game footage from an alpha build, but it didn’t so much as hint at what the gameplay will be like. The only real information we got out of it was the release date and that the game will be exclusive to Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will also be a day one Xbox Game Pass title.

Starfield was announced back in 2018, alongside The Elder Scrolls 6 (which we know even less about). Although initially Bethesda implied the game would be released for PlayStation, Microsoft later made it clear this will not happen.

Starfield releases for Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 11.

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