Storm The World War 2 Beaches Of Normandy In VR With Days Of Heroes: D-Day

Zen Apps Studio recently revealed its newest video game currently in development, the World War Two virtual reality game Days of Heroes: D-Day. The game is being developed for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR platforms, and is currently scheduled to hit the beaches sometime in 2021.

Accompanying the Days of Heroes: D-Day (DoH) reveal was the game’s Steam page, as well as three teaser trailer videos, posted on the Zen Apps YouTube channel. Those videos are also hosted on the game’s official website, along with game details and numerous in-game screenshots.

According to the press release and the various game notes, DoH will immerse you into the VR boots of a World War Two Allied soldier during Operation Overlord, and allows you to storm the Omaha beach sector of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944. From the first-person perspective, and through the technology of VR, you’ll “experience the largest landing operation in martial history” in a way that video, board, and tabletop roleplaying games can’t.

You’ll take on the roles of an airborne division paratrooper and an infantry soldier as you battle through the game’s 26 missions. Those missions include everything from the initial Normandy landing, to parachuting miles behind enemy lines in the dead of night. And all along the way, you’ll participate in multiple and varied mission objectives, including Nazi skirmishes, destroying enemy tanks, splashing enemy planes with anti-aircraft fire, breaking through enemy entrenchment lines, and even escaping from a POW camp. Of course, you’ll not be doing this all empty-handed, as you’ll have access to “over a dozen weapons typical to the World War II period that have been accurately reproduced in terms of appearance and mechanics.”

The press release also states that DoH has a shooting range with four different gameplay modes available. It may just be a translation word or phrase error, but it seems as if you’ll have to finish the main campaign first in order to unlock the shooting range, when it should actually be made available before embarking on the campaign, at least as a sort of basic training/tutorial. However, surviving the main campaign also unlocks Hard Mode, “which will take your cleverness, strategic thinking, and will to survive to the extreme.”

For more intelligence on Days of Heroes: D-Day, flank right over to the game’s website, as well as its Facebook and Twitter channels.

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