Stranded Deep: How To Get More Inventory Space

There are so many items that you will need to carry in Stranded Deep: food, drinks, tools, crafting materials, and that’s just the start. Thankfully, you can increase your inventory space to make carrying all of those items a bit less tedious.

This guide will cover how to increase your inventory space in Stranded Deep.

How To Get More Inventory Space In Stranded Deep

To make more inventory space that you can carry with you, you must make the Tool Belt. This allows you to quick swap between various items and tools.

Equipping an item to your Tool Belt takes it out of your backpack, freeing up a slot. To craft a Tool Belt, you need to get one lashing and one piece of cloth.

How To Get Lashings In Stranded Deep

Lashings can be made by combining four fibrous leaves. To find fibrous leaves, you need to cut down Yucca Plants and Young Palm Trees using tools, such as the Refined Knife or the Stone Tool.

How To Get Cloth In Stranded Deep

Cloth is usually found in shipwrecks, or sometimes on the shore of random islands. Cloth is a rare resource to find, but you are able to craft it as well.

To craft Cloth, you must make a Loom. You can craft a Loom under the structures crafting menu using the following resources:

  • 4 Lashings
  • 6 Sticks

Then, take four fibrous leaves to the Loom. This allows you to turn them into a piece of Cloth.

How To Make Tool Slots In Stranded Deep

Once you have made the Tool Belt, you must also make the slots in which you can place items. There are four slots available to craft.

Tool Slots are made using the same ingredients as the Tool Belt, so you will need to gather more Cloth and Lashings. Fortunately, both are made using fibrous leaves, so they are fairly easy to make once you have the Loom.

Is There Storage On The Life Boat In Stranded Deep?

There is also a small amount of storage on the Life Boat. You can use this to carry some extra items between islands.

To access the storage, look around the edge of the Life Boat. You will find a storage container that you can interact with to store items. There are three slots in total on the Life Boat, so it is best to fill these with items that you can stack, such as fibrous leaves or sticks.

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