Strixhaven Unearthed Arcana Summons Shared Subclasses To D&D

Dungeons & Dragons now lets multiple classes pick the same subclass, thanks to a new Unearthed Arcana based in Strixhaven.

Wizards of the Coast is putting on a bit of a magic show, with a whole week full of D&D announcements. Yesterday saw the reveal of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, a Feywild adventure hardcover. Today’s is a book based on Strixhaven, the magic college where competing schools of sorcery show their stuff. To preview what’s to come from the book, called Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, Wizards released an Unearthed Arcana detailing some of its player options.

The Mages of Strixhaven Unearthed Arcana adds five new subclasses based on the colleges of Strixhaven. Different classes can share the subclass features, or pick from a series of branching benefits. This approach seems to go further down the recent path D&D is taking, one that gives players a lot more customization in how they progress their character.

First is Lorehold, which studies history through contacting spirits. A bard, warlock, or wizard can be a Lorehold mage and gain the power to manifest spirits in constructs or gain certain protections and proficiencies.

Prismari is up next, and is a school that focuses on creativity. Druids, sorcerers, and wizards can take this subclass, which adds mobility by letting you get an elemental dash as a bonus action. Quandrix is of opposite ideals, believing that magic is a form of mathematics that can be used to manipulate the laws of physics. Sorcerers and Wizards can use Quandrix equations to affect movement, damage, and some die rolls.

Silverquill, as the name implies, is about using the power of words. Bards, warlocks, and wizards can use Silverquill techniques to either bring holy light or sinister darkness to the battlefield. Finally, there’s Witherbloom, a school obsessed with the transition between life and death. Druids and Warlocks can use this power to heal or deal necrotic damage, as well as create unique potions.

Strixhaven was originally a card set in Magic: The Gathering. Curriculum of Chaos marks an ongoing tradition of yearly crossovers between the two, with the strange city of Ravnica and Greek-inspired land of Theros preceding it. The crossover will go both ways later this year, with Magic getting a set based on the lore of D&D.

More details on Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos will be revealed at D&D Live on July 16 and 17.

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