Subnautica: Below Zero – Diamond Mining Guide

Diamonds are usually thought of as very rare, though they aren’t too difficult to come by in Subnautica: Below Zero. They are found across multiple different biomes, sometimes lying around on the seabed, inside large resource deposits, or inside ore veins.

As a crafting material, Diamonds are used in some crucial items in Below Zero, such as Enameled Glass and the all-important Laser Cutter. These items are not really required at the start of the game, but this guide will still cover how to get some Diamonds early if you want to streamline gear upgrades.

Where To Search For Diamonds In Below Zero

Diamonds are found in multiple biomes across Below Zero. Typically, the areas where you find Diamonds will be below 200 meters. You might require an H2o upgrade or a series of pipes to access some of these biomes. Check out our tips for new players, then read on to find out everything you need to know about where to find Diamonds.

Biomes where you can find Diamonds:

  • Arctic Spires
  • Crystal Caves – Additional Crystal Biomes
  • Deep Twisty Bridges (close to spawn biome)
  • Delta Island
  • East Arctic, West Arctic
  • Glacial Basin
  • Koppa Mining Site
  • Thermal Spires and Thermal Spires Caves
  • Tree Spires

There are two biomes that really stick out for getting easy Diamonds: the Deep Twisty Bridges and the Koppa Mining Site.

Best Biome In Below Zero To Find Diamonds – Deep Twisty Bridges

There’s a biome in Below Zero where you can get pretty much all the Diamond you need to craft one of every Diamond-related object. Best of all, the biome isn’t too far from spawn, and not overly difficult to explore. It’s the Deep Twisty Bridges.

This isn’t the simplest of missions. The Deep Twisty Bridges is a dangerous biome. Its murky waters and broken, twisted bridges are instantly recognizable in the early game. Squidsharks are plentiful here. If you stumble across this biome in the early game, it probably means you’ve ventured too deep without the right preparation.

What you need before going Diamond hunting in the Deep Twisty Bridges:

  • The High Capacity O2 tank – Crafted with Glass, Titanium, and Silver Ore. This tank will help you navigate for longer (and deeper) without worrying about Oxygen too much. Take or two or three, if you have the resources.
  • Rebreather – This piece of kit removes the Oxygen penalties for when you dive into deep waters. It’s found in the spawn biome of the Twisty Bridges and crafted with Wiring, Silicone, and Fiber Mesh.
  • The Seatruck – The Seatruck can be used as a temporary Oxygen-extender, though you will not be able to venture too deep into the Twisty Bridges without the Depth upgrade. Park the Seatruck as deep as you can so you can return for Oxygen. Here’s a bit more info on the Seatruck.
  • Swimming Fins and Seaglider – Extra speed is recommended for exploring deep waters. These two pieces of equipment will speed up the process, and help keep you clear of Squidsharks.
  • Inventory Space – There are loads of Diamonds to pick up. Loads. The more space you have in your inventory the better. This saves you from the effort of making multiple trips.

How To Look For Diamonds In The Deep Twisty Bridges

The Deep Twisty Bridges are found by venturing a few hundred meters from the area that your Drop Pod lands, in a southern direction. You will begin to notice caves that stretch downwards into darkness. There are several “bridges” that twist into the deeper water and caves. That’s your spot.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Take the Seatruck as far as it will go, depending on your depth upgrades.
  • Follow the Oxygen Plants downwards. This will keep your Oxygen levels up as you descend.
  • The water will turn much darker, a sort of hazy blue. Keep your eyes open for Squidsharks.
  • Head right to the seafloor of the biome. There should be several groups of Diamonds lying around. Should be at a depth of around 380 meters.

Tip: When traversing the seabed looking for Diamonds, be careful of Spike Traps. These can deal some serious damage, especially if you keep bumping into them over and over again.

Best Secondary Sites To Search For Diamonds – Koppa Mining Site and Tree Spires

Though you can get a large number of diamonds from the Deep Twisty Bridges biome, at some point you might want to streamline your mining expeditions. That’s why it’s a good idea to target the large resource deposits of Diamonds. These are particularly plentiful at the Koppa Mining Site and at the Tree Spires biome.

Diamond large resource deposits will drop between 9-18 Diamonds per node. These cannot be harvested by hand and will require the Drill Arm upgrade for the Prawn Suit. That Drill Arm upgrade, by the way, does ironically require a Diamond to craft.

Tips for the Koppa Mining Site:

  • Even without the Drill Arm, there are a few Diamonds scattered near the doors of the Mining Site.
  • This makes it a decent site to venture to at the start of the game, getting enough Diamonds to craft early items like the Reinforced Suit.
  • You will likely encounter a Cryptosuchus on the way to these doors (at a depth of 140ish meters). It’s recommended you have the Seatruck already.

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