The Last Of Us Fans Think Florence Pugh Would Be The Perfect Abby In Season 2

HBO's The Last Of Us debuts tonight and fans of the games have been given plenty of reasons to get excited about it. Rave reviews have made the show the highest-rated video game adaptation ever, and it's already likely to get a season two. Should that happen, many fans have already decided who they want to play Abby.

Reported by GamingBible, many who have played The Last Of Us Part 2, the game in which Abby is introduced, are calling for Florence Pugh to be cast in the role. Abby is a big part of the sequel, so casting someone as well-known as Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey might be key.

Pugh fans have pointed to various roles they think prove she'd make the perfect Abby. You'd also be hard-pushed to find someone who dislikes Pugh at the moment. Starring in a number of massive projects over the last few years, getting her on board for a potential second season of The Last Of Us might well hinge on exactly how big the show becomes during season one.

There are already big names attached, of course, plus it's an HBO show the studio has already admitted it hopes fills the shoes of House of the Dragon, making it one of its flagship shows. There's really no denying Pugh and Abby look quite a lot alike too, something I admittedly had never noticed before. There is one small problem, though. How much older Pugh is than Ramsey.

Despite never specifically being mentioned, it's believed Ellie and Abby are roughly the same age in The Last Of Us Part 2. That doesn't mean Pugh can't be considered for the role, though. While they might be the same age, Abby's larger frame makes her look older than Ellie in Part 2. The writers can also tweak Part 2's story for the sake of the show, especially if they like the idea of bringing Pugh on board.

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