The Last Of Us Prologue Told Us Exactly What Inspired The Zombies (And It’s Real)

The Last of Us has been around for eight years, but that doesn’t mean that the game is any less impactful just because of its age. While The Last of Us 2 was dominating awards ceremonies across the industry, an easter egg was quietly being uncovered in the prologue of the original The Last of Us. As it turns out, the developers told us exactly what inspired the zombies in TLOU, and it’s a real thing.

During the prologue for TLOU it can be easy to see the explosion that sets the tone for the rest of the game, and simply carry on your way. The TV in the room seems to be of no consequence in those precious opening moments of the game.

The static on the screen seems to indicate that there is nothing left to be seen there and that you should move on. There is no logical reason that you should go back to see what’s on the screen. Luckily for us, one streamer did exactly that and uncovered an easter egg that’s gone relatively unnoticed until now—he was even kind enough to share a video of it!

Anthony Calabrese showed us how to uncover the easter egg. Apparently, after leaving Joel’s room and going to the bottom of the staircase, you’ll cross a checkpoint. If you reload the game from there, you’ll be able to go back up and see an ant infected with the so-called “zombie” fungus that inspired the game. This fungus, while not dangerous to humans, almost literally turns ants into zombies as part of its reproductive process.

Infected ants lose control of themselves and will find a nearby leaf to attach themselves. The fungus, festering in their tiny brains, will force the ant to bite down on the stem of the leaf until it dies. From there the fungus will grow, and a horrific stem will emerge from the back of the neck of the ant, where the fungal spores will erupt and find a new victim.

This final image, a dead ant with a fungal stalk coming out of its neck, is what you’ll be rewarded with this easter egg. Game designer Kurt Margenau tweeted that he is the one responsible for the easter egg saying, “As the one who scripted this sequence… sounds like a bug tbh.”

Who knows what other fun little “bugs” exist in TLOU 2.

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