This Week In Pokemon: New Unite Game Mode, Cooking With Charizard, And More

Pokemon news from official channels has been pretty dry this week. It looks like Game Freak is really going to keep us waiting for more Scarlet & Violet news, even if it is launching this year.

However, the fanbase has been anything but quiet. From a discussion about what would make a Pokemon game bad, to discovering a new upcoming game mode in Pokemon Unite, there’s been no shortage of news from the community. All of that and more features in our Pokemon news roundup this week.

Pokemon Fans Discuss What It Would Take To Make The Games "Objectively Bad"

Since Pokemon Sword & Shield disappointed many in the fanbase, there’s been a lot of talk about what Scarlet & Violet need to get right. Or, as we’ve seen this week, a lot of talk about what they could get wrong. Pokemon fans have been discussing what would make a game “objectively bad”, not just mildly controversial. An obvious sign of a truly bad Pokemon game would be a ton of glitches, to the point where it would be actually unplayable. Another player says that it would be a huge disappointment if a Pokemon game was overly grindy, or forced a gimmicky way of playing, such as Nuzlockes. Annoying characters, boring ‘mon designs, and microtransactions were also brought up.

New Pokemon Cookbook Has You Making Meals Inspired By The 'Mons Themselves

Have you ever wanted to turn a Pokemon into food? Well, without slaughtering them, of course. Thanks to a new cookbook, you can do just that! Whereas most Pokemon cookbooks will get you to present a meal in the style of a Pokemon, this one focuses on turning the Pokemon itself into the food, creating a meal that is inspired by them, not styled on them. For example, the Charizard is a spicy spaghetti arrabbiata, referencing its strong fire-type moves. My Pokemon Cookbook: Delicious Recipes Inspired by Pikachu and Friends will set you back $27.99, and will ship on October 25 this year.

New Pokemon Unite Game Mode Leaked

At long last, Pokemon Unite is getting a new game mode. Well, we don’t know that officially, but much like everything else about the MOBA, it’s been spotted in a datamine. This new mode will let us play as wild Pokemon, expanding the roster considerably. It seems that we’ll be able to capture and control Pokemon we find on the map, including Electrode, Articuno, Araquanid, Regigigas, and Zapdos. They only have two abilities and you won’t get any more via levelling up, as you would do normally. However, it should be an exciting new way to play if you’re getting bored of the regular setup. We have no idea when this mode will be added, or even officially confirmed, but in the past, datamined content hasn’t been far around the corner.

Someone Is Crocheting Every Single Pokemon

We’ve all dreamed of living with a bunch of Pokemon. And now, one fan is making that a reality, kinda. Reddit user noduckshere94 is crocheting every single Pokemon in the Pokedex – all 906 of them. So far, they’ve completed sixteen of them, starting from Gen 1. This includes fan favourites such as Squirtle, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Mew, and Staryu. As you can see yourself, they’re fantastically realistic, and look like they could be official merch. Good luck to the artist here – you’ve got your work cut out. Especially if we get another 150 Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet.

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