VALORANT: Skye Character Breakdown

Riot Games’ VALORANT has a new addition. Australian scout Skye will join the ranks in Episode I Act III, bringing with her an array of powerful enemy-seeking abilities. You may be able to run from this hunter, but you certainly can’t hide.

Like all of VALORANT’s existing agents, Skye comes with two basic abilities, one signature ability, and one ultimate ability. Her basic and signature abilities will cost you credits to equip, while the ultimate ability is earned by completing objectives during gameplay. You can reach your ultimate by getting kills, planting the spike, or by collecting the ultimate orbs that are placed around the map.

Skye’s first basic ability is called Regrowth, which gives her the power to heal any teammates within her line of sight and a certain range. Regrowth can be reused until Skye’s healing pool runs out. This ability gives Skye the power to heal multiple allies at once, while other healing agents like Sage or Reyna can only heal one at a time. Unlike Sage, Skye cannot heal herself. Regrowth is available for purchase for 200 credits at the start of each round.

Trailblazer is Skye’s second basic ability. This ability allows you to conjure and control a Tasmanian tiger, and jump on enemies to temporarily concuss them. When concussed, an enemy’s movement speed and aim are considerably weakened. The tiger can be seen approaching by enemies, and can be taken down with a few shots. Trailblazer is available for 200 credits at the start of every round.

Skye’s signature ability is Guiding Light, which allows her to equip a controllable hawk with blinding abilities. The hawk works similar to Sova’s drones, as you can control where the hawk moves, and it can be shot down. Once you’ve found your enemies, press the ability’s equip key once again to transform it into a flash. Enemies will be temporarily blinded by the flash, and a sound cue will let you know if anyone’s been hit by it. Guiding Light will cost 100 credits at the start of each round.

Skye’s ultimate ability – called Seekers – will unlock once you collect six ultimate points. Once equipped, Skye sends out three seekers who will locate the three closest enemies. Once found, the seekers will latch onto the enemies, temporarily giving them nearsight. The seekers can also be shot down.

Skye will join the VALORANT team on October 27th, partway through Act III. She is the third agent to join after the game’s official launch, after Reyna and Killjoy.

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