Warzone Is Teasing An "Unknown Object" Hidden Under A Tarp

Warzone is teasing an “object unknown” that has arrived in Verdansk and it’s currently being covered up by a tarp.

The Call of Duty Twitter account pointed out the object’s presence in Warzone saying, “An object unknown has arrived in Verdansk. What lies beneath the tarp?”.

Although there aren’t many clues as to what the object might be, players are currently able to visit the tarp to try and find clues. As spotted by Twitter user Cheeto, the bottom of the tarp is actually pulled up slightly to reveal the word “champions”.

This is fairly unhelpful in figuring out what is beneath the tarp, but it has triggered a few good theories. The prevailing one so far is that it’s a trophy or plaque of some kind to be awarded to the winners of the COD League Dallas Series.  This would make sense considering the league ends on May 9, and it would be a pretty cool reward to have the winners etched onto an in-game statue.

A Tweet from COD League team Subliners also seems to indicate this, as they responded to the Call of Duty’s Twitter page an emoji. They could just be hyping up the game and not know what it is, but it seems likely that it’s something to do with the COD League.

Another theory that’s become quite popular is that the statue is related to the recent leaks involving 80s actions stars like John McClane, Rambo and The Terminator. These three characters have been found in Warzone’s files and are seemingly coming soon, so they could pop up as a statue in Verdansk. In an 80s world, they are the champions after all. Some fans even think that it could be a Rocky statue.

A recent leak from an Activision survey indicated that Warzone might be getting a new fast-travel system involving the campaign’s red doors. Activision also confirmed that Skylander’s developers Toys for Bob will still be developing Crash Bandicoot 4 alongside working on Warzone.

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