Watch Minecraft Live Tomorrow And Vote For The Game’s Next Mob

Minecraft Live kicks off tomorrow, giving viewers the chance to learn about the future of the game and have a direct impact on upcoming content. This year’s event is going to be completely virtual, and is no longer called MineCon – simply Minecraft Live.

Details are incredibly scarce despite multiple blog posts dedicated to the subject. Still, we know we can expect big updates, voting for the next mob, and… well, that’s basically it. Mojang apparently wants to keep things under wraps until the festivities kick off tomorrow.

The Minecraft Live Pre-Show will begin at 11:30am ET, with the main show following at 12:00pm ET. The action is all happening online, and you can tune in a variety of ways:

  • Minecraft’s official website
  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Facebook

The event will also be rebroadcast by a variety of Minecraft content creators, including Figgehn, Kendal, and PuchiPuchi.

While there’s bound to be plenty of great reveals, one of the most compelling reasons to tune in is to cast your vote for Minecraft’s next mob. You’ll need to head over to Minecraft’s Twitter account to cast your vote for one of three nominees:

  • Iceologer: A “cold-hearted illager from Minecraft Dungeons,” the Iceologer will be found in snowy environments through the blocky world of Minecraft – particularly up on the peaks of mountains. When encountered, they’ll start throwing ice blocks at you, making the mountainous ascent even more harazdous.
  • Moobloom: Coming from Minecraft Earth, Mooblooms will “be able to interact with bees.” They’ll be located in the Flower Forest biome if chosen as the newest mob.
  • Glow Squid: Also introduced in Minecraft Earth, the Glow Squid will haunt the deep, dark waters around your blocky Overworld. And – despite creepy glowing eyes similar to Enderman – they reportedly won’t pose much of a threat.

The last time players got to vote for a mob, Mojang introduced the Phantom. This terrifying mob roams the skies, looking for prey it can swoop down and attack with a vicious bite. Make sure you tune in tomorrow at 12:00pm ET to cast your vote during the live event – and please don’t vote for the menacing Iceologer.

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