We Might Be Getting A Lot More LEGO & Nintendo Sets In The Future (And Not Just With Mario)

The dream partnership between LEGO and the Super Mario Bros. franchise is happening, but we could see an entire universe of Nintendo-themed LEGO products in the future, based on comments made in a recent interview.

On March 10 (Mario Day), the official Nintendo of America Twitter page revealed that there was some kind of collaboration happening between LEGO and the Super Mario Bros. franchise, with many speculating that it was either a toy set or a video game. It has since been confirmed that there is an electronic LEGO Super Mario Bros. toy set in the works, with figures that interact with different parts of the game.

There is a lot of scope for new interactive LEGO Super Mario Bros. sets alone, as the trailer didn’t show figures based on Bowser, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Wario. If you added other Nintendo franchises into the mix, then there is the potential for lots of different interactive sets.

Nintendo already hosts the biggest crossover in video game history, with the Super Smash Bros. series including characters owned by Microsoft and third-party games that have only appeared on Sony platforms. If there are more Nintendo LEGO sets on the way, then fans can create their own little Super Smash Bros. universes in their living room. Why not throw in some LEGO The Lord of the Rings or LEGO Star Wars figures in for a truly epic crossover? We just hope that Masahiro Sakurai is kept far away from the toys, otherwise, there will be lots of LEGO Fire Emblem sets in the future.

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